Living with back or joint pain can be a serious challenge for anyone afflicted. It’s hard to handle all of your daily activities when you are having trouble moving one or more of your joints.

However, there are a few ways that you can relieve the pain and stiffness in your back and joints while restoring a normal range of motion.

Here are a few methods that you should explore if pain is restricting your movement.

Heat Therapy

Gentle heat is a cheap and effective treatment for pain. Using a heating pad or even a microwaved warm cloth will loosen up most joint stiffness, allowing you to stretch and exercise a stiff back or other joint.

You don’t have to have a heating pad to enjoy heat therapy. Simply fill a sock with dry white rice and microwave it until it has the desired level of heat. Studies have found that heat relieves arthritis and other causes of bone or joint pain.

Oil Massage

Gently massaging warm oil into an aching joint can be very effective. First, massage loosens up tissues and removes adhesions between different tissues. Second, oil makes the skin more supple and may even soak in enough to affect underlying tissues.

If you want to make your oil massage even more effective, add capsaicin, camphor, or another natural compound that has been found to relieve pain.

Chiropractic Care

It is well known that chiropractors can relieve spinal pain. However, these practitioners are also trained to work with inflamed tissue and aching joints all over the body.

A good Ireland Clinic of Chiropractic LLC chiropractor will be able to identify the cause of your pain and stiffness as well as address the root cause of pain. In addition, they can give you exercises to do that will improve your range of motion and allow you to move without pain.

Low Impact Exercises

Many people react to pain in their back and joints by resting. While this is effective with many injuries, it actually is counterproductive with joint issues. The tissue in joints will bind up, permanently restricting the range of motion, in the absence of routine exercise and stretching.

It’s extremely important to exercise in a way that does not create even more problems. Because of this, low impact exercise such as yoga, walking, and swimming all will go a long way to helping maintain range of motion without harming your joints even more. Consider low impact exercise courses to help build up strength and flexibility.

Having a full range of motion and being able to perform daily tasks is the dream of many Americans. Unfortunately, too many of us are hampered by chronic pain and can’t get the treatment we need.

These methods are just a few of the many natural and effective ways to relieve pain and restore movement. No one needs to live with a loss of motion and chronic pain.