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4 Health Benefits of Water That You Can Enjoy Today

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Your body is comprised of 50% – 65% of water, and without water, you’ll die in days. Water is the essence of life, and the benefits of drinking adequate amounts of water can’t be ignored. Sugary drinks, sodas and iced teas may taste good, but they still lack the health benefits that water provides. And without proper water consumption, your body will suffer from negative side effects.

1. Energy Levels and Brain Function are Reliant on Hydration

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If you’re suffering from lack of energy and you seem to have brain fog, it’s possible that your water consumption is the culprit. Water intake is tied to your body’s and brain’s energy levels. If you’re not properly hydrated, you’ll start to have brain function impairment.
People who are just 1% to 3% dehydrated will start to have many aspects of their brain function impacted. Studies show that 1.36% fluid loss leads to:

  • Higher headache frequency
  • Impaired concentration
  • Impaired mood

If the fluid loss rises to just 1.59%, this will lead to feelings of anxiety and fatigue. Participants in the study also had a negative impact in their working memory.

Brain performance is impacted, mood is impaired and memory is negatively impacted when a person is even slightly dehydrated. Drinking more water will boost your:

  • Energy levels
  • Working memory

2. Drinking Water Makes You “Go”

Digestion requires water to help you go to the bathroom. If you’re having trouble with constipation, it may be because you’re not drinking enough water.

Fiber is definitely going to help the situation, but water will help everything move through the body with greater ease. Increased liquids are often an essential part of treating constipation. There are studies that show a lack of water leads to:

  • Constipation in the elderly
  • Constipation in the young

A person who doesn’t drink often will have a much easier time going to the bathroom when drinking adequate amounts of water. There are also studies that show increasing water intake relieves constipation.

The reason why water helps with constipation isn’t fully understood, but it’s theorized that water will help loosen stool, making it easier to pass through the body. In either case, there is ample evidence that water helps relieve constipation. So, increase your water intake by 2 to 3, 8-ounce cups daily to help make you go with greater ease.

3. Physical Performance Is Maximized

Lack of water negatively impacts your brain function and energy levels, but an adequate amount of water actually gives you a major boost. Dehydration will have a negative impact on overall performance – both physical and mental.

Intense exercise or training requires you to drink more water. Proper water levels will amplify your performance, ensuring that you’re able to push your limits without feeling drained and tired in the process. Athletes, those who are playing professional or even in a school setting, will lose up to 10% of their body’s water during a workout or game.

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The effects of dehydration occur as quickly as 2% water loss, so the impact of not drinking enough can greatly hinder performance. Optimal hydration levels have been proven to:

  • Reduce oxidative stress
  • Increase motivation
  • Reduce fatigue

In the inverse, a body that is dehydrated will have a difficult time finishing a workout, stress will set in and motivation will disappear.

Muscle is comprised of 75% – 80% water, so when you sweat, your muscles are actually losing the water they need to perform at their peak levels.

4. Weight Loss is Promoted

Water flushes out the body’s toxins, helping you age better, but it also helps promote healthy weight loss. Yes, you’ll find that water weight is a thing, but did you know that water can also help you lose weight?

A lot of studies point to water giving your metabolism a boost. And it’s really not that much water that needs to be consumed for weight loss promotion. Two major studies have been done that suggest 17 ounces of water:

  • Increases metabolism by 24% – 30% for an hour and a half

That’s drinking just a tad more water than you would in two cups. Total energy expenditures will last all daily long if you continue to consume large amounts of water throughout the day. Strategic consumption is best. Water acts as a filler, and it helps prevent overeating. It’s recommended that if you’re drinking water to lose weight, you do it before meals.

The benefit includes helping the body digest water more efficiently and has been show to greatly increase weight loss. A 12-week study found that participants who drank a half a liter of water before meals lost 44% more weight than those that didn’t consume water.

The best time to consume water seems to be 30 minutes before a meal. Water temperature can also play a role in how many calories are expended. Cold water is best because it causes the body to use more calories to heat the water to body temperature. While the results may seem minor, over the long-term, water can have a drastic impact on a person’s weight loss.

Importance of Safe Drinking Water

Clean and safe drinking water is a must when drinking water. You can have your water tested for contaminants, and this is recommended if you have a well. City water is highly processed and often contains the addition of chlorine and fluoride. If your water has contaminants – and this may be traces of arsenic, lead and other substances – it’s important to do a few things:

  • Clean pipes out properly
  • Install a filtration system

Older pipes may be clogged up and contain tree roots, which can lead to sewage backup entering the piping system. “For a long-term solution, your technician can clean the pipe using pressurized water jets. These jets will thoroughly scour the line to eliminate grease buildup, debris, and tree roots,” claims Mr. Rooter Detroit.

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When increasing your water intake, make sure that the water is filtered and as pure as possible. Clean drinking water is essential for enjoying the health benefits of water.

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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

Editorial Staffs at Healthtian, A team of Writers.
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