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4 Exercises Women Should Do to Improve Their Sex Life


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Leading a healthy life with a properly synchronized diet and exercise is by itself a great way to improve your physical well-being and performance in bed, but sometimes, it pays to put in a bit of specialized effort.


On that note, here are four exercises that all women should do in order to improve their sex life and confidence in bed.


If you are serious about going on top and staying there for a good while, you should definitely include the classic squat in your workout regimen.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be weighted squats, because even body weight squats are a good exercise for beginners. Alongside building lower body strength, squats are also a great way to pump blood into your thighs and the nearby regions to increase your sexual arousal.

Pelvic Tilt Pulse

Strength in your core and lower back is essential to enjoy sex properly and that’s exactly what the pelvic tilt pulses will help you to achieve. Lie on the floor with your knees bent at an angle that puts your feet at roughly hip-distance.

Flatten the rest of your body with the floor, while keeping your hands by your sides and then form a bridge by lifting your pelvis with your heels.

Holding this position, do at least 20 – 25 pulses (move your hips up and down rapidly while keeping the range of motion limited to only a few inches) before coming down back on the floor.


This is the staple exercise when it comes to improving sexual performance in women – and for good reason. Tighten the muscles in your pelvic floor and squeeze as you would if you were to hold your pee in.

Hold that contraction for a few seconds and then slowly relax. Repeat this for anything between 3 – 5 minutes to see remarkable improvements in your ability to satisfy both yourself and your partner during intercourse.

Upward Facing Dog

This pose will enable your body to handle all those experimental postures that you want to try, in addition to adding overall flexibility to your body.


The upward facing dog is actually an asana that’s a lot easier to do than some of the other poses in yoga.

Get into a pushup position, lie on your belly and then stretch your feet till the heels are facing up. Now push up like you would in a normal push up, but as you start lifting your body up, straighten your spine and lift it back until your wrists, elbows, and ears are roughly in the same line.

Lock your elbows, look in front and hold the pose for about half a minute while breathing normally and consciously. You can also do the reclined butterfly, happy baby, and the open-leg rocker to further strengthen your sexual prowess, but these four should do just fine for beginners.

However, there’s more to improving sex life than just exercise and that’s why you should also think about getting a few sex toys online, as that saves you the embarrassing trip to the local sex shop.

Now that you are getting sexually fitter than ever before, it only makes sense to try and experience new things. Have fun!

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