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For some people it can be difficult to start a body transformation, whether they are not sure about which strategy they should choose or psychological reasons. With this article we want to give you an incentive to make things easier for you.

The internet is full of information about weight loss strategies but be aware, not all methods are reliable. It’s important to seek reliable information supported by concurrent research to help you achieve the best results and avoid damage to your health.

We’ve put together some of the most practical and reliable weight loss strategies to date, supported by research to help you achieve your goals this year.

In addition to implementing a particular weight loss strategy, it’s essential to be motivated, focused and strong-willed.

Furthemore, upon identification of preferential weight loss strategies, it is important to seek professional advice that’s specialised to you to ensure you get the most out of your efforts!

Let’s get started!

  1. Sufficient sleep

Achieving your weight loss goals can be a challenging long term effort, it’s essential to get enough sleep to help maintain your motivation and willpower. A study reported that the optimal duration of sleep should last about 6-8 hours[8].

Ensuring sufficient sleep is imperative for regulating the body and deficiencies can make exercise difficult which can interfere with your weight loss efforts.

  1. Regular fitness exercises and physical activity.

Exercise is a great way to create a negative calorie balance, where you burn more calories than you consume each day[1]. Quite often, exercise is easy to start but difficult to maintain, optimising your sessions to ensure you keep going is crucial.

Useful tips for effective exercising:

  • Start slow, make it easy and enjoyable.
  • Plan your workouts week for week but keep it simple.
  • Acknowledge that results will come in time, don’t expect miracles immediately.
  • Keep your exercise goals realistic and record the progress.
  • Join a gym class or cardio workout.
  • It’s helpful to find a partner to motivate each other.
  • Never forget why you started this process and never lose faith in yourself.

Effective exercises such as boxing, swimming and cycling are all enjoyable alternatives to running and are great at burning calories!

Possibly try joining a club or start a new activity that you haven’t tried before, you may love it and it may become something you take part in indefinitely on your road to a healthier lifestyle!

  1. Dieting

The 3 most effective diets for short term and long term results are:

Ketogenic Diets: A ketogenic diet consists of a high protein and fat intake with a low carbohydrate intake. The effect of the diet is to induce ketosis, which is the metabolic process where the body utilises fat for energy due to a low immediate availability of carbohydrate[2].

A recent study found out that comparing a low carbohydrate diet (ketogenic) with a low fat diet over an 8 week period, the results indicated that the ketogenic diet was responsible for an 11.0% loss in body mass compared with just 2.7% in the alternative low fat diet[3].

Zone Diets: The prerequisite for that diet is that you consume a ratio of macronutrients in the proportions of 40% carbs, 30% protein and 30% fat[4]. This is necessary to constrict the intake of dietary fat.

The Zone diet requires a strict regime of consuming a specific dietary composition in addition to the timing and regularity of meals; this is necessary for the regulation of the release of insulin, which is posited to improve health and longevity.

Calorie Restriction Diets: This diet is based on restricting calorie intake, the recommended daily reduced calorie intake is acknowledged to range between 20%-40% less than typical calorie intake[5].

A very popular diet to reduce calories is the Weight-Watchers Diet. This diet allocates points to the macronutrient composition of foods with high-calorie foods costing more points. You choose foods based on an allocation of points, the daily maximum points are calculated relative to your stature and designed to help you lose weight.

Calorie reduction diets like the Weight Watchers Diet try to significantly promote weight loss through ensuring a healthy calorie constriction and enhancing compliance[6].

Whilst this is a short summary of effective diets, it is important to seek advice on how to precisely structure a specific diet to ensure you achieve great results, healthily.

  1. You can try Prescription medication

Combined with exercises and diet, prescription medication can be very useful for the progress of losing weight, especially for people with a BMI of 30 or over.

Orlistat (Branded as Xenical, Alli and Orlos) is the active ingredient found in many clinically proven prescription weight loss medications. Orlistat is a pancreatic lipase inhibitor, it reduces the absorption of ingested fat by up to 30%[7].

It is important to obtain prescription medication from a reliable, cost-effective source, such as Pharmica Online Pharmacy.

Vitamins for healthy weight loss

To lose weight in a healthy way don’t forget about taking vitamins. Vitamin deficiency can affect your general health and can cause fatigue, joint pain and weakens your immune system.

We recommend multivitamins that contain the 25 key nutrients and all 13 essential vitamins to support immunity, normal energy release and metabolism.