Physical Therapy

Nothing is more valuable to a person than health. Without health, you can’t enjoy the money you’re earning, go to work, do the things you love, or function adequately enough to get through your day without hardship.

When we do find ourselves injured from an accident, it’s our responsibility to recover as fully as possible. Not only to get back to our jobs but, more importantly, to resume living a life of quality and without pain or mental anguish.

Making sure you are monetarily stable reduces mental and financial stress – reducing the time needed to heal. Physical therapy helps the body restore its natural mobility as best as possible. Practising positivity, through journaling and repeating affirmations allows the body the relaxed state it needs to recuperate wholly.

This article explores these three methods to reduce long term injury after an accident.

Make Sure You’re Covered Financially

Debt can amplify stress. According to research, stress can delay the recovery time by up to 25%.

One way to alleviate the stress brought on by debt is to make sure all of your expenses are covered so that your mind can focus on healing rather than stressing.

When it comes to automobile accidents, you must be insured to make sure hospital and physical therapy expenses are covered. If the accident was your fault, having the right plan can cover you financially, believe those at BrokerLink.

Lawsuits often run-up in the millions, and not being adequately covered can leave you in a more significant tribulation than you bargained for.

Many companies offer services throughout the country to help select the most affordable car insurance plan that will cover you if you get into an accident. Not having to worry about money for hospitals or an at-fault accident does help reduce long term injury by minimizing stress.

Get Physical Therapy (PT)

Physical therapy can help eliminate or reduce pain. Treatment can assist in the restoration of joint and muscle functions. Also, doing simple exercises under the guidance of a therapist can minimize the need for surgery.

Simple mobility exercises that focus on manual dexterity, balance, reaching, and bending all help to strengthen the weak part of the body. In turn, this helps you return to a healthy level of function.

Physical therapists design tailored strengthening exercises for individuals on the road to recovery. The activities are conducted to help the body heal properly. When the body heals correctly, thanks to PT, you’re more inclined to reduce the long term effects caused by accidental injuries.

Keeping a Positive State of Mind


Being positive may be a challenge for people that are suffering from pain and injuries. Not being able to walk or stand can be utterly frustrating, and this frustration can lead to a sense of depression about being immobilized.

People that are injured do often feel a level of anxiety as well. Worrying about when they will be back up on their feet or if their life will return to them puts further stress on the immune system, and again prolonging the healing process.

Journaling can foster a positive mindset. Taking the time to reflect on all the beautiful things you have in your life can keep you focused on the good that awaits you once you’re back to your best self.

Another way to stay uplifted is through affirmations and meditation. Dr. Bruce Lipton has done extensive studies on the subconscious mind. He argues the “self-talk” that we have in our minds is more powerful than we realize.

Repeated affirmations help our mind chatter move from negative to positive, and a positive mindset helps our bodies heal faster.

Above All Be Patient

It takes time for the body to heal. Nature does not march on command the way people do under the director of a drill sergeant.

No matter how loud you scream at a flower to bloom, it will unfold when the time is right.  Whether your injuries are minor or severe, regrowing muscles and tissues is a complex process the body does naturally.

Being stress-free, having a positive state of mind, and rebuilding strength in your body will provide your body with the optimal state to facilitate the healing process.