It will soon be spring – the trees will get green leaves, grass will start growing . . . and you’ll begin to suffer your usual allergy symptoms, which include nasal congestion, a runny nose, sneezing, headaches and sinus pain. In short, you’re going to feel miserable just as the cold, blustery, snowy winter weather ends.

Eat Hot, Spicy Foods

If you’re crinkling your eyebrows in confusion, keep reading. The hotter an entree, the better. Think about your body’s reaction to hot Mexican or Thai food – your nose begins to run.

Those hot foods actually help to thin out mucus secretions. Think about how congested you’ve been ever since allergy season started. It would be great to be able to breathe without having to struggle – wouldn’t it? Add a hot, spicy meal to your menu at least once or twice a week.

What foods and spices should you add to your allergy-fighting menu? Try fenugreek, hot ginger, garlic, cayenne pepper, red or green chili and onions – especially red onion.

Take Local Honey Every Day

Eating local honey or adding it to your tea and coffee is a form of immunotherapy. As the bees in and around your community take in the nectar found in flowers, they get pollen spores from different plants onto their stomachs. As they return to their hives to deposit the nectar they’ve eaten, they also deposit small amounts of pollen into the honeycomb.

Stop at a health food store in your community and buy a small tub of local honey. When you eat it from the spoon or add it to a hot beverage, you’re also ingesting some of those local pollens that might be giving you so much trouble.

Don’t wait until spring is upon you, making you physically miserable. Buy and eat or drink the honey every day of the year – it has to build up in your system because the amounts of pollen spores in the honey are so low. If you or a family member are allergic to honey, do not use this method.

Allergy Drops

Another option is available for you. Allergy drops are created specifically for your allergies. According to, when you put a drop under your tongue, your body begins to decrease its responses to the substances you’re allergic to. The drops work in the same way that allergy shots work.


You don’t need to wait until you feel completely miserable with allergies. Prepare weeks before allergy season starts and you can escape the worst symptoms.