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3 Ways Supplements can Bolster Your Life

While there’s plenty of controversy over taking supplements and vitamins, it’s hard to argue with the fact that it’s nearly impossible to get 100 percent of all the nutrients you need from diet alone while still staying within a reasonable calorie range.

Plus, for those who do manage it, they often can’t sustain that kind of uber-clean, healthy diet and still make room to enjoy some of their favorite foods. Your body may be a machine, but only being dictated what to eat from the nutritional content alone would lead to quite the boring lifestyle.

There are some vitamins, nutrients and minerals that are tough to come by naturally and in whole foods. Every person requires different amounts of these nutrients depending on individual body, age, gender and a score of other factors.

For example, people in Hawaii may not suffer from vitamin D deficiency, but it’s a common ailment for those in the Pacific Northwest. Here are just a few ways that supplements might help improve your lifestyle overall:

Better bones

Especially in older women, a lack of calcium and magnesium (which helps with the digestion of calcium) is a common problem. Of course, calcium is found in a variety of foods include most dairy products.

Strong bones are crucial at any time of your life, and may just reduce the complications of slip and falls (which is a common personal injury complaint according to reputable law firms). However, you’re never too young to ensure proper calcium levels, which can be boosted with supplements.

A stronger metabolism

Your metabolism starts to slow as you age , beginning as early as your 20s, and according to Today your diet can play a big role. This can lead to easier weight gain, fatigue, and sluggishness.

“Supplements” don’t necessarily have to come in pill form, although they can. There are many ways to encourage a faster metabolism such as starting the day with warm lemon water or adding cayenne to foods throughout the day.

A jolt of Omega-3 fatty acids

The only way to get Omega-3 fatty acids which is paramount for just about every system in your body is with oily fish. It’s just not common in the average American diet. Taking quality fish oil pills throughout the day can help sustain your body, kind of like how your car needs regular oil in order to function.

Work with a dietician and naturopathic doctor in addition to your GP in order to maximize your strategy.

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