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3 Reasons to Have a Smile Makeover

The state of one’s smile is not a mere aesthetic concern. A quick glance at someone’s teeth can reveal the state of her overall health and even reveal her age. Dental work is not just about getting whiter or straighter teeth.

The teeth are as alive as any other part of the body.

Subtle Anti-Aging

Maintaining a clean, bright smile is an easy way to look younger. It is a very subtle effect, which is why it is preferable to other, more obvious ways of achieving a youthful appearance.

Since the teeth naturally become yellow and stained over the years, removing those stains results in natural, realistic-looking rejuvenation. Unlike other anti-aging methods, lightening the teeth is guaranteed way to turn back the clock.

Gently straightening the teeth with a retainer or removable plastic braces also helps, since the teeth are always shifting out of alignment. Crooked teeth are unconsciously perceived as a sign of aging.

Improved Health

It makes sense that healthy teeth would look better, but it is also true that having better-looking teeth can make it easier to care for them.

Plaque and bacteria love to hide in the crevices between crooked teeth. Stains make it difficult to discern new problems when they develop. According to the dentists at Smith Family Dental, practicing good oral health can even have a positive effect on the rest of the body.

Flossing daily has been proven to directly impact heart health. It cannot be overstated that improving one’s teeth leads to higher self-esteem, which triggers other positive changes in attitude and lifestyle.

Protection and Prevention

Some people have teeth that are so deeply damaged that lightening and repairing them would only weaken them more.

Instead of applying more treatments to their already fragile teeth, people in these situations are often advised to get veneers or crowns. Veneers are the more purely cosmetic option of the two, but they still provide a good amount of protection by covering up weak or porous enamel.

Crowns are substantial dental implants that can only be inserted after the existing teeth have been filed down. They are best for people whose real teeth cannot be repaired through less intense means.

Cracked and damaged teeth only get worse with time, and getting veneers or crowns quickly and easily eliminates all of the problems that go along with having unhealthy teeth.

People who are confident about their smiles are excited to take care of them. Getting a smile makeover is an investment in oral health that has positive secondary effects, both physically and emotionally.

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