I know that everybody runs, at least once in a while, but there are always some people who are not up for running. Maybe you are not a morning person. You are probably too tired after work and getting the shorts on for running seems like, yet again, a pain. It’s okay, honestly. Not everybody likes to run. But does that mean that you are going to miss out on your cardio? NO!

Why You Should Never Miss Out on Your Cardio

When you do cardiovascular (cardio) exercises, your heart rate goes up. When your heart is beating faster, your breathing also becomes faster and deeper in order to get you more oxygen. In order to facilitate the transportation of the huge amount of oxygen, your blood vessels will expand, your muscles will receive the oxygen, and your body will release natural feel-good pain-killers called ‘endorphins’.

Thus, with regular cardio, you will be able to manage weight, keep cardiovascular diseases away, and according to experts, even live much longer!
So, if you have been missing out on your cardio exercises for some time, start TODAY.

How to do Cardio Exercises in a Fun Way

There are numerous ways of doing cardio, and trust me when I say, that they are really fun as well!
We have researched on different types of cardio exercises for you and have chosen the top 3 fun exercises that would ensure that you get the cardio you need!

1. Dancing


Who doesn’t want to dance? I’m not saying that you need to know how to dance, because you do not! Anybody can dance! Join a dancing class or just turn the volume up in your room and have fun to the beats!

Dancing doesn’t only help you get some cardio exercises, dancing is a great way to improve your mood and free yourself of the weariness from work. It is also a great way to ensure flexibility of your body if you get enough practice. The next time you’re on stage, we know that you’ll set it on fire from all the practice you had at home!
So, dance away!

2. Jumping Rope

You probably haven’t jumped rope since the kindergartens. Well, this is when you get yourself one from the superstore and start your favorite pastime from the kindergartens!
Jumping rope is an amazing way to get cardio exercises. The best thing about it is that the equipment you need for it is extremely cheap. It is also highly portable. You can just toss the jumping rope in your bag and go off to wherever you want. It will not weigh you down. It will be perfectly light, flexible and easy to carry around so that you can get some cardio minutes wherever you are.

3. Hula-hooping

Let me guess. You did hula-hooping last in some kid’s birthday party when you were a kid yourself! But hula-hooping is a great way to get some cardio exercises, I kid you not! Swinging your body to the hoops will get you the much-needed cardio and improve your core strength to a huge extent. It will also improve the flexibility of your waist and vertebral column, making them more immune in case of accidents or sudden falls. Hula hooping is also very fun. And I guarantee that it will make you laugh! Get a buddy to hula-hoop with you, and you will be instantly back to kindergarten where life was simple, lively and fun!

And if you are worried that your middle might get stuck in a kid’s hula-hoop, then worry not, because these days, they make these in sizes suitable for adults too! Happy hula-hooping!

Best Time to get These Fun Cardio

Best time to do your cardio exercises is when you are feeling fresh and energetic. If you are a morning person, that time would be early in the morning, before you leave for work. If you are not a morning person, you will probably not feel that energetic in the morning. In that case, pick up the time when you feel your best- it could be in the evening, or even at night when you feel the most awake!

Things to Keep in Mind

Make sure that you do not start cardio when you are feeling extremely tired because that might do you more bad than good. If you haven’t been doing cardio for a while now, start slower than your usual pace and lower than your regular intensity. If you are completely new to cardio, start very slow, and stop immediately if you feel a sudden ache in your chest. Remember the number of leaps, swings or jumps that you were comfortable with and slowly increase the number of speed, little by little, each day, and you will be a cardio monster in no time!

How to start if you are Absolutely New to this

If you are absolutely new to fitness routines and are going to start soon, I would suggest you start with walking. I know that walking doesn’t seem so much of an exercise to you, but trust me, nothing can be better than walking if you are an absolute beginner.

Don’t stroll. You are supposed to power-walk while you are at it. Power-walking basically refers to walking at a considerably increased pace. Pick up a good time for walking. Avoid times when the streets or parks would be too crowded. Try to walk in the morning before the sun is hot, or try to walk after the evening when the weather is considerably cool. If you are residing in a climate that’s almost always cold, pick a time of your choice that you feel comfortable in.

Start walking slowly. Increase the pace as you go. Try to keep up at a pace that increases your heart rate and makes you sweaty. I’m not asking you to sweat profusely. Just ensure that you are sweaty and you are good to go! Increase your pace with time, and start with other cardio exercises as suggested above.

Author’s Bio:

I’m Brad Kopce, the Editor & Blogger of Thefitandtone.com. He is heavily in the Fitness programs during the day but when he is free, he loves to watch movies, or play chess online.