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Pinhole Glasses and Its Health Benefits

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If you have eye sight problems, you can experience issues when you sit down to read a newspaper and do countless other daily activities. While prescription lenses are often the solution to seeing objects both near and far, there is another less expensive option that many people may not be aware of. Pinhole glasses have several lines of small perforations on the lenses, each of which allow a small sliver of light to pass through.

The technology behind these glasses has been around for hundreds of years; the perforations help your eyes focus the light and therefore see things better in general. Here are three reasons why these glasses might be right for you.

One Pair Suits All Situations

Bifocal glasses and most prescription lenses only work in very specific circumstances. For instance, if you’re nearsighted your glasses will only help you see objects from afar with more clarity. Pinhole lenses will help you see items that are close up and far away without the need to switch lenses.

If you struggle to see things in various settings these glasses may be right for you. It’s worth noting that you should not wear these glasses while you’re in motion; they are best used while you are seated and need to read or watch something.

Improved Clarity

Pinhole glasses allow you to see objects more clearly. The way the light is let through the perforations in the lenses, your retinas are able to better process it and less likely to see things in a blurry picture.

If you have a refractive eye disorder of any kind, these glasses will make it easier to see things as long as you don’t have a refractive error of 6 diopters or more. If you do, you’re apt to experience the honeycomb effect, in which you can see each individual pinhole as well as the plastic that connects them.

Increased Object Brightness

Since pinhole glasses impact the way that light reaches your eyes, they can also improve the way that your eyes perceive the brightness of an object. Even in a dimly lit environment, such as a theater or around dusk, the glasses are able to project light to your eyes in a way that make things look brighter.

While they don’t increase the amount of light that gets to your eye, they can filter it in such a way that the light reaches your eye in a straight line which gives the perception of more light.

Pinhole glasses are a good fit for many people with vision issues. If you find that it’s increasingly difficult to see things and don’t want to use prescription lenses all the time, these lenses may be something worth looking into.

Since they can’t be used while you’re in motion, they aren’t appropriate for vision problems while driving or when you are walking down the street. Depending on the severity of your vision problems, your doctor may inform you that pinhole glasses are unable to improve your vision enough.

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Author Bio:

Frank Foley is an eyeglass expert. He frequently writes about the latest looks and trends in eyeglasses for consumer blogs. Pinholes have been used to aid vision for hundreds of years, visit the link to learn more.

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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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