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25+ Foods You Should Never Store in the Refrigerator

Refrigerators have been keeping foods cool in our homes since 1913, but not everything stays fresher in the fridge. Are you making these food storage slip-ups?


Whenever you are storing avocados, always make sure they are stored at room temperature. It is because it subsequently results in the faster ripening of the avocados.


The storage of basil should always be at room temperature, just like other herbs. Furthermore, you should ever leave the basil submerged in water at room temperature.

Bell Peppers

Whenever these peppers are stored at low temperatures, the skins lose its crunchiness. It is thus advisable this pepper to be stored at room temperature to maintain the crunchy feel.


Despite the common belief, it is not recommended to store your cucumbers in the refrigerator. It is because storing them in freezers makes them pitted and watery. However, if you decide to refrigerate them, it is advisable to always warp them up in plastic to reduce the moisture levels.


Usually, pickles come already preserved thus refrigerating them would not be necessary. You should thus save your refrigerator’s space to store something else which is more perishable.


Exposure to moisture while in the fridge causes onions to get soft and moldy. It is thus vital to always store your onions in a cool and dry place, but never near potatoes or in a plastic bag.


Storing garlic in refrigerators causes them to develop a rubbery feel. Thus, just like onions, they should always be stored in a cool and dry location.


Storing potatoes in the fridge exposes them to moisture which makes them powdery and sweet. Thus, you should stash your potatoes in a paper bag at room temperature for best taste after cooking.


The storage of tomatoes in room temperature is advisable since it guarantees the tomatoes will have optimal juiciness and flavor unlike if stored in a refrigerator.


The storage of bananas should be at warmer temperatures to ripen. It is thus vital to not store the bananas in the fridge to hasten its ripening.


The exposure to the fridge’s moisture ruins berries. Hence, you should store your berries at room temperature where they have a better chance of remaining fresh. Lastly, it is recommended only to wash the berries just before you eat them.

Citrus Fruits

Never store citrus fruits in the fridge but on the counter. Moreover, often check for molds and always throw away those with mold since the mold hastily spreads to others.


Melons should only be stored in the refrigerator after they have been sliced. However, if they are still whole, always store them at room temperature so that they can ripen at a faster rate.

Olive Oil

Storing olive oil in the fridge causes it to harden. Thus, you should stash your olive oil in a cool and dark place at room temperature.

Hot Sauce

Usually, hot sauce contains vinegar in it which keeps it preserved. However, if you have a creamy sauce, it is necessary to store it in the refrigerator.


The storage of ketchup in the fridge is debatable. The acidity of the ketchup ensures you can go ahead without any worry store your salsa out of the refrigerator for approximately a month, and it will still be fresh. Nevertheless, if the ketchup lasts for more than a month, it is advisable to find room in the fridge to store the salsa.

Soy Sauce

Typically, soy sauce is fermented and thanks to this, it can be stored at room temperature for over a year without needing to be refrigerated.


Dairy products necessitate storage in the fridge, but storing butter in the refrigerator makes it toughen and consequently hard to spread. It is therefore advisable to store sticks of butter out for approximately a week in reasonable temperatures so that it preserves its enjoyable consistency.


Regardless of where it is stored, honey will never turn on you. Hence, save the space in the fridge to store something else.

Peanut Butter

You can store peanut butter at room temperature for three months before needing to store it in the refrigerator.


Storing nuts in the fridge interferes with its flavor. Therefore, always store your nuts in an air-tight bottle and in a place that is neither too hot nor too cold.


Putting bread in the fridge makes it go stale. But if you intend to freeze it in the refrigerator then toast it, it is okay.


In case you have leftover pastries, and you intend to save them for future use, never store it in the refrigerator. Instead, put it in paper bags and store it at room temperature.


Never keep chocolate in the refrigerator unless you are into chocolate with dull flavor and a coarse consistency. Instead, store your chocolate at room temperature in a dry and dark location since that is when its flavor is optimum.

Coffee (Beans or Ground)

If you want to achieve the best flavor in your morning cup of coffee, always store the coffee in the pantry and never in the fridge.


Storing these in the fridge is not necessary especially if they only have stored at room temperature for less than two weeks.

Canned Fish

Before opening up canned fish, it can stay unrefrigerated as evidenced by the fact that you find it in the unrefrigerated section of the market. Once opened is when you should store it in your fridge.

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