Acne Scabs

Are you on a lookout for how to get rid of scabs? Jonathan Brandis said the greatest enemy of an actor or actress is pimples, and he is absolutely right. Because some of these scabs, which are caused by an uncontrollable scratching and bursting of pimples, can’t be hidden even with the heaviest makeup.

Those marks on your face with different colors will keep increasing, but a careful reading of this write-up saves you all the trouble as you get to find out how to heal scabs fast.

What Is Acne? Let’s Explore

What really is acne? Among the most popular chronic inflammatory skin diseases is acne, A.K.A acne vulgaris. The symptoms of vulgaris are; whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, depression and a lot more. Although many victims think it is a disease resulting from bad hygiene, unbalanced diet, exposure to sunlight, and the smoking of cigarette, which is not true.

Instead, it is a sign of puberty taking place in both male and female which is controlled by three factors; increase in the male gamete (testosterone) present in both male and female, the increase of a bacterium called propionibacterium acnes, and some other genetic factors which are believed to be the main cause of it.

Speaking of an increase in the production of testosterone in the body, this increase fosters the formation of sebum by the sebaceous glands, the sebum then blocks the pores and stops sweat and other wastes from leaving our body through the flesh.

The wastes, unable to leave through the flesh, particulate at the surface and gradually form a colony called comedo there, it is the comedo that finally becomes visible at the surface of the body as blackhead, whitehead and pimples. Demi Moore once said if you focus on good body care, you won’t need a lot of makeup, and so it is the aim of this article to give you a full insight on the right treatment for scabs.

What are Acne Scabs?

Wondering what acne scabs are? Whatever that is crusty and dry that forms at the top of the flesh after acne are called scabs. They mark the healing stage, they protect the flesh from getting in contact with germs and so should not be peeled off.

Dr. Schweiger wrote in one of his body care articles on acne thus; the affected people have been tempted several times to burst pimples and this leads to an increase in size and population of them on them.

Another thing that can cause scabs is the excessive use of makeup on your pimples and zits, instead of trying to hide it, keep it moisturized and allow it to heal naturally on its own without scratching. Yes, scabs can be itchy and irritating, but for a fast scab healing you will just have to let go of the scratching part, use the how to heal acne scabs’ tips you are about to read below, and watch your face become pimples free.

Why Does Acne Scabs Appear?

Have you ever wonder why you have scabs on face, neck, chest and back? Not everybody have them, but almost every adult does. They appear as a result of the blockage of the pores by the sebum overproduced by the sebaceous glands as one move toward the puberty stage of life.

The sebum is like oil that lubricates us naturally. To know what sebum is, leave your nose dry on a sunny day, within three to five hours, rub your fingers against your nose, you will notice an oily substance that is called sebum.

Just like Dr. Howard Murad said that aging is a fact of life, but when one looks his or her age, then it is not a fact of life. Scabs will appear, and you shouldn’t let it make you look and feel miserable, all you need is the acne scab treatment I have put down here. You are not only about to discover the best way to heal acne scabs but also how to make scabs heal faster.

Natural Home Remedies to Get Rid of Acne Scabs

Don’t ever try treating yourself with products you can’t pronounce.  Have you been pushed to do different silly things on your journey into a scab-free skin? You may have tried hiding it, treating it with organic products, removing it with your hands, and it just got worse.

Grinning at yourself in the mirror is not treating scabs, patience and natural care is the key, and just like Erno Laszio said; for a beautiful skin, you need commitment and not miracle.

Do you know there are some natural ingredients readily available in your home that works perfectly as scab treatment? Why then splash out so much cash from your purse on makeup and organic chemicals?

These natural ingredients can be gotten from your nearest grocery shop, they have no side effects like organic products do, and they are just your solution to your question; how to treat scabs. Here are the ingredients you should use on how to get rid of a scab;

  • Garlic
  • Toothpaste
  • Green Tea
  • Lemon Juice
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Witch Hazel
  • Tomato
  • Cinnamon
  • Olive Oil
  • Aspirin
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Aloe Vera Gel
  • Baking Soda
  • Epsom Salt
  • Neem Oil or Neem Powder
  • Egg White
  • Ice
  • Lavender Oil
  • Honey
  • Turmeric Powder


Many say garlic is nature’s best medicine owing to its antibacterial properties and some say it is the most important ingredient for a good food. Garlic is a fast solution for how to get rid of acne scabs as well as the scaring away of bad spirits.

The natural principal chemical in garlic is allicin which makes 80% of garlic. Among the works of allicin is the destruction of a wide range of species of bacterial, burning of parasitic diseases and fungi, reduction of blood pressure and cholesterol content of the body, and the prevention of infection.

Allicin helps to heal acne scabs by penetrating into the cell wall of bacteria that are unable to leave through the flesh owing to the pores blockage to prevent them from becoming spots. It also reduces the overproduction of sebum, clears away the dead cell, and protects the surface of picked pimples from further infection.

How then do you use garlic? Simple, grind a fresh clove of garlic and pour it into a little amount of water (three to four teaspoon of water is okay) and leave it for five minutes, meanwhile during the five minutes, rinse the area and wipe with a clean towel, It is expedient to have a different towel for doing the wiping, and the wiping should not be done aggressively but gently to prevent the peeling of your skin which can lead to bleeding and infection, afterward apply the liquid of garlic on your skin and allow dry. Never forget that what helps acne scabs heal faster is treatment and patience, so be patient and let the garlic do its work.


All you want is how to get rid of pimple scabs because you can’t stand the embarrassment and irritation no more, here is your solution.

I know it can be difficult to put witch hazel with baking soda and alcohol together into a mixture, even though such mixture helps to get rid of scabs on face fast. What you already have it in your bathroom? Your toothpaste will do better than many products you have used.

Toothpaste helps to absorb the sebum that causes pimples with the aid of baking soda present in it and while the witch hazel performs the function of a moisturizer, the alcohol acts as a disinfectant, a sort of mentholated spirit.

All you need do is to apply the paste over the affected part of the skin after washing with water and damping with towel, let the paste remain there for six minutes before washing it away with clean water. This process can be done after brushing in the morning and night.

Green Tea:

Apart from its effectiveness against diabetes, toughness against cancer and the ability to make rheumatoid arthritis easy, green tea is also capable of dealing with inflammatory diseases the way it is on fat. Effective in healing scabs, green tea controls both the overproduction and inadequate production of cells in the body, since too much of these cells leads to the flaking off of the epidermis.

Owing to its properties like; zinc, selenium, polyphenols, and Epigallocatechin Gallete, green tea has become the most common ingredient in almost every antibacterial product used internally and externally, the polyphenols forming about 25% of green tea reduces inflammation, the Epigallocatechin Gallete kills the bacterial and reduces the production of dead cells, the zinc, selenium and other nutrients helps to maintain a good health.

How to heal a scab with green tea is not difficult, just apply cold brewed green tea on the skin heavily and allow drying off before rinsing the face. The tea can also be iced to increase its cooling effect on the epidermis and allow for a fast healing process. If you want the best way on how to get rid of pimple scabs overnight, green tea is a perfect choice.

Lemon juice:

Many don’t know how to heal a scab; they go ahead using products prescribed by friends, whereas most of these products only worsen matter. Are you aware of lemon juice ability to heal pimple scab without leaving scars on your face?

Although many uses lemon juice as a bleaching agent, but few know of its full capacity in healing body diseases, the natural acids kill harmful bacteria and the vitamin c replenishes the flesh color and softness. In the process of application of lemon juice, the face feels hot as if touched with pepper, this only indicate the activities of lemon acid on the bacterial, so it is advisable not to scratch or touch the skin at this point.

Lemon juices are used by slicing and rubbing them on the infected points, allow it to dry off, and then washing the face gently with cold water.

Tea Tree Oil:

Have you put yourself into trouble by scratching pimples and you want to know how to get rid of scabs on face? The oil extracted from tea tree, popular among the ingredients used in baby care products, works on wounds.

This oil contains antibacterial that attacks the bacterial beneath the blocked pores, it also moisturizes the flesh and keep off the dryness. To empower tea tree oil in healing acne scabs fast, wash with an antiseptic soap before creaming with the oil using a clean hand or cotton wool.

Witch hazel:

Among every other antibiotic, witch hazel is a skin-friendly one that works against scars caused by pimples and emphasizes its function of skin enrichment. Witch hazel speeds up the healing process of scabs by stopping the further damage of cells and killing of bacterial.

Applying it directly makes it to clear the blocked skin pores and thereby allow the sebum to lubricate the skin in the right proportion. For effective and fast result, witch hazel can be used along with oily substance like coconut oil as a moisturizer.


With the aid of lycopene, tomato is able clear the upper part of the affected body part, stops the making of excess sebum, and brings life to the dead skin. Instead of going into the lower part of the skin, the enzyme (lycopene) cleans the pores and makes them smaller for low sebum production. Tomato juice is collected from the tomato fruit and introduced to the body for 20 minutes, after which it is washed off with clean water.


A slight change in blood circulation affects the us. Cinnamon balances the circulation of blood in the body, thereby keeping you fresh and healthy. The antioxidants present in cinnamon as well as the antimicrobials, works together in disinfecting the flesh and eradicating the bacteria. One teaspoon of cinnamon mixed with two teaspoon of honey is enough to keep blackheads away from you.

Olive oil:

You can’t stop your cells from dying as you grow, but you can reduce their death rate and also prevent the dead ones from clogging the pores. Olive oil contains almost all the nutrients needed to prevent the spreading of scabs and giving you a brighter skin.

The vitamins and iron penetrate the epidermis along with some anti-inflammatory agents to stop further inflammation of the skin. Just cream the affected part with olive oil the way you use your cream day and night.


An observation was made about the pores expansion during the period of whiteheads to give enough room for dead cells and bacteria. If only the pores can be made to shrink, the stimulation of sebum production will be reduced, and this is possible with aspirin.

Acetylsalicylic acid forms 60% of aspirin; it stops the inflammation and shrinks the pores. To get rid of scabs on face fast, make a solution of aspirin by mixing crushed tablets of aspirin with water and applying a large mass of it on the face for twenty minutes.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

A mixture of apple cider vinegar and water will work against white heads and blackheads. It contains acids like malice and lactic which exfoliates the skin, repair worn out cells, prevent dryness, and increases the speed of acne so it gets to heal faster. The mixture of apple cider vinegar is applied once or twice a day with cotton balls.

Baking soda:

Baking soda contains natural chemicals, these chemicals exfoliates the flesh, act as antibacterial, regulates the production of sebum, and covers the scabs from surface infections. A mass of powdered baking soda is poured into a small volume of clean water to make a paste, the paste is then used to cover the required points heavily for five or fifteen minutes, and then later washed away with clean water. The baking soda may take time to dissolve in cold water, but it is not advisable to use warm or hot water as it may lead to scars.

Epsom Salt:

Healing scabs can be extremely slow, and at times it takes forever. Epsom salt speeds up the healing process and reduces the itching and irritation part of scabs. Epsom can be gotten from the nearest grocery shop and is easy to use.

The points of application are washed with cold water before applying the mixture of Epsom salt and water. The mixture removes blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples without causing bleeding and it doesn’t hurt like most organic products. To prevent peeling, Epsom salt should be applied once a day.

Neem Oil or Neem Powder:

Is neem a good acne scabs on face treatment? Sure, it is. Neem is 100% antibacterial that is effective against almost every form of bacteria especially those that causes skin diseases. It leaves you brighter by enriching the melanin pigment. Just boil the neem leaves and allow cooling before applying day and night.

Egg White:

Although egg white does not contain any form of antibacterial, but it is capable of moisturizing and keeping the skin fresh with the help of riboflavin and protein present in it. The egg white can be applied directly on the area or with a little amount of lemon to act as the antibacterial.


You have placed a bag of ice blocks on a swollen or injured part of your body and it worked, you can also use it on those frustrating pimples. Ice helps to relief the pains as well as work against the swellings. A block of ice is placed on the spots for 5 minutes and the schooling effect is allowed to spread.

Lavender oil:

5 gram of lavender oil contains about 0.25% antibacterial that is effective on proionibacterium acnes which causes acne, and so is better used at the early stage of inflammatory diseases. Lavender oil is used just like cream.


Honey is nature’s most powerful medicine, it works on every sickness and diseases. After cleaning your face with cotton of honey, it is advisable to drink three teaspoons of honey thrice a day to work internally on the bacterial.

Turmeric powder:

Turmeric powder is one of the most effective home remedies for scab on face. Turmeric powder contains anti-oxidants, anti-bacterial, and other properties required for a scab-free and fresh skin.


  • Keep the face wet by washing at least twice a day.
  • Wash your pillow case with antiseptic soap
  • Wash the hair regularly
  • Eat healthy food
  • Daily exercise


  • Abstain from scratching
  • Reduce makeup wearing
  • Keep your hands off your face
  • Avoid the use of powder

What You Can Do to Hide an Acne Scab?

You may want to conceal those spots for some time before treating them. Wash your face and hands with clean water, and gently apply a high-quality concealer of the right tone on the spots, and then use a light brush to spread it gently for even distribution.

In the End

Natural beauty is the best beauty; the natural ingredients listed above will give you the best healings for acne scabs with no side effect. They are not only cheap but also easy to use; all you need do is apply them regularly as prescribed. You may want to read this article again, feel free.