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20 Interesting Sex Facts You Should Know


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Editorial Staffs at Healthtian, A team of Writers.

Sex. We all love it; we like to talk about it, and we fantasise about it all the time. Nevertheless, there are several things about sex that most people have no idea about.


What do bonobos, and humans have in common; what’s kinky about Australia, Greece and Japan? What else does the number 69 represent? What does a Pope have to do with erotica; how long can a single man repopulate earth?

While masturbation helps to relieve depression, it’s not a very healthy practice. You should be able to find a fling on free adult dating sites to ‘blow off some steam’. Thanks to sex experts from around the world for putting this piece together. Go through this, and find out about all these and more.

Here is a list of 20 informative, funny, strange, weird and downright bizarre facts about sex you should know.

  1. Humans aren’t the only animals into oral sex. Wolves, bears, and bats are known to have intimate tastes of themselves.
  2. The inner nose swells during sex, due to increased blood supply. This leads to an improved sense of smell just after sex.
  3. If you’re really into threesomes (which guy isn’t?), you may want to visit Australia, where 28% have had a threesome at least once.
  4. Men on average burn about 150 calories during sex, while women burn…. 69 calories. Yes 69.
  5. Masturbation helps to relieve depressions because of the hormones released during orgasm, and because it makes you comfortable with your body.
  6. A woman usually climaxes after about 4 minutes of masturbation, but takes between 10 – 15 minutes to reach orgasm during intercourse. (You can check out some sex positions to guarantee her orgasm)
  7. Women who are prone to migraines are also more likely to have more sex. This maybe because orgasms help to ease the pain of a migraine
  8. About 1% of women can reach full orgasm solely through breast stimulation.
  9. The point of no return? Yes it exists. Orgasms, and sneezes, can’t be voluntarily stopped once started.
  10. British spies used to use semen as invisible ink. They stopped because it began to smell if it wasn’t fresh.
  11. One sperm cell contains about 37.5 MB of genetic information, therefore an ejaculation represent a data transfer of about 15,875GB.
  12. One of the bestselling works of antiquity was an erotic novel titled “The Tale of Two Lovers”. It was written by Pope Pius II.
  13. A single human male produces enough sperm in two weeks to impregnate every fertile woman.
  14. Showers vs Growers? Smaller flaccid penises tend to grow more than larger flaccid ones, when becoming erect.
  15. 75% of Japanese women own a vibrator. The world average is 47%.
  16. Sperm can last up to nine days in a female body.
  17. Straight men tend to have smaller penises than gay men.
  18. Bonobos (a type of chimp), and dolphins are the only animals asides humans that have sex for fun.
  19. Most women prefer having sex in the dark
  20. Greek couples have sex an average of 138 times a year – placing them at the top of the world sex league. Japanese couples have sex just 45 times a year, which puts them in last place.

Now with all these facts, you can smile with the fact that your repertoire of erotic knowledge has increased. Although, not all of them would be proper conversation material. (How do you explain knowing that bears give head?)

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