Diastasis Recti

Dealing with separated abdominal muscles goes beyond having an unsightly bulge in your midsection.

It could lead to other issues, including lower back pain, digestive problems, issues with your hips, and pelvic dysfunction—all of which can slow you down and impact how you feel. Knowing how to fix diastasis recti could have implications for your overall health.

When it comes to being a mom, with others depending on you to be the best you possible, you need to find ways to stay healthy, and you might consider doing the following:

Start an Exercise Program

It may feel like you are constantly chasing your kids around and getting them from one event to another. You may come to a point where you don’t need to add an exercise program into your day, but you really do.

If you are wondering how to fix diastasis recti, there are very specific exercises you need to do to achieve this goal. If you think that doing planks, sit-ups or crunches are going to correct the problem, you are in for a surprise.

These exercises can actually make matters worse by driving your abdominal muscles farther apart, creating a bigger bulge. To reduce the chances of this happening, starting an exercise program with the right movements will not only impact your diastasis recti, but it will also have a positive influence on the rest of your life.

Exercise helps you to release hormones that improve your mood, and this could be the boost you need to make it through the rest of your day.

Eat the Right Food

At this point in your life, you have no doubt heard many times that you need to eat the right food. You probably make it a priority to ensure that your children are eating items that will help them grow strong and give them the nutrients they need, and you should be doing the same for yourself.

One of the most important things you can do to keep your body healthy is to eat breakfast. Your mornings may be incredibly busy, and you might spend most of your time getting the kids ready to go out of the door, but you wouldn’t let them leave the house without breakfast, and you shouldn’t either. Preparing something quick and healthy isn’t hard.

Consider making a smoothie with fresh fruit, yogurt, and juice. Or maybe just throw some fresh fruit into the yogurt. If you are really pressed for time, put the fruit in your bag and eat it as you drive down the road.

It doesn’t take long to pour and consume a bowl of cereal, and eating something that is high in fiber and protein can keep you full throughout the morning. This could reduce the desire to grab an unhealthy snack as the morning goes on, and further reduce the bulge around your midsection.

You probably consider being a mother your most important job, but it’s certainly not the only role you have to play throughout the day. To ensure you have the strength, energy, and ability to achieve all your goals, make sure you are taking care of yourself.