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If you are on a mission to achieve a great hair day, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve sought help from hair care gurus and experts.

From hair styling product suggestions to genius styling hacks, discover what hair experts have to suggest.

1. Think of your cut

Whether you are planning to completely change your hairstyle or you simply want to get a trim, be sure to speak with your stylist first. Ask about the techniques and tools that will be used and seek for his or her hair care product recommendations. All this can make a difference to achieve a salon-worthy result.

2. Tame your hair

Is your hair frizzy and dry? Consider using natural oils that can be used under the sun, such as coconut oil and solar oil. Apply it regularly just like sun cream. Once you do, you will notice that your hair will stay fresher for longer and your lengths will be in good condition throughout the day.

3. Know how to combat frizz

The lack of moisture is one reason why hair is frizzy. If your strands tend to fly away because of frizz, the best solution is to combat it by using the right products. Since each one’s frizz is unique, you have to know which product is formulated for your hair.

4. Invest in a quality hair brush

It might sound strange to keep more than one hair brush at home, but having plenty of hair brushes can be a life saver. Each hairbrush has a distinct use. Some are used for detangling while others are made to shape and style the hair.

There are also other hair brushes that can be used to smooth and straighten, shape curls, and add weightless texture to the hair. It’d be great if you can also have a wide-toothed comb in your arsenal because it can detangle your strands without causing damage.

5. Maintain and control your curls

Many are envious of the people who have curly hair, but the truth is, it’s the hardest to maintain. You need to condition and nourish those curls to be able to tame them. Well, of course, we know the key to beautiful tamed curls: the use of correct hair care products that are formulated to add moisture.

To make those products effective, you can brush your strands first before washing them. That way, all the loose hair is removed and the hair care product will be evenly distributed and absorbed.

Though this may sound contradicting, using a hair dryer to style curly hair also works. If you just leave curly hair as is and let it dry naturally, it can result in frizz because you can no longer control it.

6. Improve your hair volume

Sad to say, there is no overnight solution to improve your hair volume, but there is an instant fix that may work wonders. Again, the use of the right hair care products is the key. After applying a hair volumizing product, blow dry your hair for five minutes for an instant volume boost.

7. Do not be scared to use hair mousse

Many people hate using hair mousse because of its alleged side effects. But what they don’t know is that it is actually a great product for adding weightless volume and creating a beautiful, salon-worthy result.

Over the years, the formulation of hair mousses has improved. Before, the application of this product can result in a crunchy, crisp finish. Now, with regular use, you can already give your tresses a weightless volume.

8. Do not straighten the ends

Do you like to straighten your strands, but you are scared of losing volume? The best way to get through this dilemma is to avoid straightening from your roots. As much as possible, when straightening, make sure you move away from your head instead of pulling your hair down.

If a heat protector is available, might as well use it. Otherwise, it may result in unnecessary breakage and frizz.

9. Consider using dry shampoo

You can definitely use a dry shampoo, but do you know how to apply it properly? Dry shampoo is formulated to refresh hair from the roots to tips, so you need not apply it in huge quantities.

Begin by dividing your hair into sections and spray at the roots, hairline, and scalp. Wait for two minutes, so the excess oils are absorbed before brushing it through, unless you want to see visible residues.

10. Treat your hair with care

Always keep in mind that your hair has unique needs. Hence, having a customized or personalized hair care routine is necessary. If you are uncertain about what you should do for your hair, do not hesitate to ask your hairstylist. He or she can give suggestions and recommendations that are specific for the needs of your hair.

11. Use hair spray wisely

Like hair mousse, hair sprays have had a bad reputation in the past. But now, their formulas have improved, helping you achieve the hairstyle that you like. Don’t worry because whether it’s blow-dried hair or not, an ample mist of hair spray can already let you style your hair like a pro, and at the same time, fight frizz.

12. Make it a habit to use oil

It may seem contradicting to apply oil on your hair, but using oil can actually benefit your tresses. Not only will it seal the cuticle, it will also replace moisture, protect your strands from heat, and improve your hair health, especially when used regularly.

13. Observe a healthy diet

Sometimes, the key to ease your hair styling woes is proper diet. To keep your hair healthy and prepared for a busy hair styling day, be sure you eat up lots of protein-rich foods like nuts and salmon. Eating beans, carrots, and leafy vegetables can also help.

14. Keep hair shiny by washing with lukewarm water

What many do not know is that hot water can strip out hair’s natural oils that provide shine and act as a conditioner. But that does not mean you need to take cold showers all the time to keep your hair from drying. We suggest you wash your hair with lukewarm water.

15. Avoid using high-powered blow dryers

So, you think using a powerful blow dryer can speed up your hair styling routine? Think again. According to reports, using high-powered blow dryers can dry your hair big time. You don’t want that to happen to your hair, right?

16. Avoid tying your hair too tight

Braids and ponytails are among the easiest ways to style your hair, but did you know that when your updo is too tight, it can damage your roots and break off your hair? It would be better if you just wear a style that is a little loose. At night, when you go to sleep, just set your tresses free.

17. Think twice before you go for an extreme color change

Are you a brunette who always dream of becoming a blonde? Perhaps you are a blonde who wants to have darker hair? Here’s what you should keep in mind. Extreme color changes can damage your hair. That is why dermatologists suggest to stay within three shades of your natural hair color to, at least, reduce the risk of damage.

Now, if you are in doubt or you still have lots of questions about styling your hair, we suggest do not touch your hair. Rather, go to the salon and speak with your stylist. He or she knows your hair better than you do.

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