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17 Celebrities Who Have Dealt With Postpartum Depression

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The birth of a child is one of the best things that can ever happen to a family however what happens when something that was originally designed to bring joy and happiness turns out to be a source of sadness to its owner?

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Postpartum depression is a condition that is not paid enough attention; however, it is also one that a lot of women in our society have had to go through.

Too little has been done to spread awareness about postpartum depression and as a result of this woman who goes through this stressful ordeal tend to feel alone and not get the kind of support that they deserve.

 In this article, we will be exposing you to some strong women in the entertainment industry who have had to go through postpartum depression.

1. Hayden Panettiere

In a talk with Yahoo, she made it clear that people try to suggest that postnatal depression isn’t a real thing.

Hayden even said that if anybody would think for a second that any mother would want to feel that way towards her own offspring, then the person must be out of their mind.

Adding that postpartum depression is one of the most debilitating, guilt causing, and scary feeling that any woman would ever have to endure.

She went further to say that not been able to connect with your child and not also been able to get a grip, coupled with not knowing what is going to happen next is not an easy thing to handle.

So for anyone to suggest that it is a false alarm or it is a condition deliberately created by women is wrong, and the person should get he’s your head examined.

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2. Kendra Wilkinson

Kendra Wilkinson is a reality star that has opened up about her battle with postpartum depression. Kendra said that after giving birth, she never had the motivation to brush her hair, take a shower, or even brush her teeth.

She got up to take a look of herself in the mirror and there it was staring right back at her, the face of a depressed woman.

Kendra said ‘I thought to myself; look at me, I had this glamorous life in Los Angeles, and now I didn’t have it. A couple of times I even said I just have nothing at all to live for”.

3. Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow has also shared with sales how she was unable to feel and behave like a doting mother after she gave birth to her son Moses in the year 2006. Gwyneth recalled that at that point she was at her lowest and she felt like a robot.

She said she just didn’t feel anything at all “When my son, Moses, came into the world in 2006, I expected to have another period of euphoria following his birth.

Instead, I was confronted with one of the darkest and most painfully debilitating chapters of my life.” Adding that it was strange because she didn’t feel anything at all for her son, and the worst part is that she did not recognise that anything was wrong with her.

4. Courtney Cox

Courtney Cox was hoping about her experience with a delayed case of postpartum depression after she gave birth to her daughter Coco.

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Cox said that she went through a really hard time but not immediately after the birth of her child. When Courtney’s daughter became six months old, the celebrity found it difficult to sleep she reported that I had kept racing and she got really depressed.

5. Natasha Hamilton

Natasha explained how she battled with postpartum depression in two of her pregnancies. Natasha said that Natasha said that the experience for how was characterised by exhaustion and having emotions everywhere.

Further revealing that postpartum depression feels like having extra stress on a person’s shoulders. ” It all returned to me having this fear of being unable to go back to work and not being able to provide all that my children need. But now I know I need to work it out or let it go. inside I know I feel a lot relaxed.”

6. Bryce Dallas Howard

The Jurassic world star also wrote about her postpartum depression experience in the Goop. Bryce said ” it is strange for me to remember what I was like at the time.  I seemed to be suffering emotional amnesia.

I was unable to genuinely laugh, cry, or be moved by anything at all. for the sake of the people around me including my child, I pretended.

But when I began taking a bath again in the second week, I’ll let loose in my privacy of the bathroom with water flowing over me as I heaved controllable sobs”.

7. Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore opened to People about what she experienced during the birth of a second child.

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Drew said that when she had the first baby she didn’t know to text me transpose about some depression, so it was difficult for her to understand what he’s felt like.

After having her first baby she felt great, but the second time hi expression was more like “oh, wow, I see what people are asking about now”.

She finally got to understand that it is a different type of overwhelming feeling as Drew saw herself getting under the Cloud after the birth of a second child.

8. Celine Dion

Popular singer Celine Dion has also shared her experience with postpartum depression after the birth of her twin sons. Dion said for her it was one moment of joy followed by s long period of unhappiness, stress, and shedding of tears for absolutely no reason.

“Some of the first days after I came home, I was a little outside myself. I had no appetite, and that bothered me.

My mother remarked that she noticed I had moments of lifelessness, but reassured me that this was entirely normal. It’s for things like that after having a baby that mothers really need emotional support.”

9. Stacy Solomon

The former X factor contestant has opened up about her postpartum depression crisis and stigma. She said the feeling was one of being trapped and not good enough or strong enough to carry out the responsibility that came with being a mother.

10 Alanis Morissette

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Alanis opened up during an interview with People about how she was still struggling with postpartum depression even fourteen months after the birth of her baby girl.

Alanis said There are days I’m debilitated to the point where I can barely move…As a kid, I imagined having children and being with an amazing partner.

This is a whole other wrench I didn’t anticipate.” During the interview which was an emotional one for the beautiful mum, she explained how she noticed her first symptoms after she gave birth to her son in the year 2010.

 She was afraid that she would get depressed the second time and that was exactly what happened. This time, the PPD returned in four folds.

“It’s very isolating. I’m used to being the Rock of Gibraltar, providing, protecting and manoeuvring. It had me question everything.

I’ve known myself to be a really incredible decision-maker and a leader that people can rely on. [Now] I can barely decide what to eat for dinner” She reported.

She also expressed her support for other women who were dealing with similar and also discussed how she is very hopeful for the future ahead of her.

“The stigma remains in a really big way. There’s this version of eye contact that I have with women who have been through postpartum depression where it’s this silent, ‘Oh my God, I love you.

I’m so sorry.’…There are people who are like, ‘Where’s the old Alanis?’ and I just think, ‘Well, she’s in here. She’s having a minute.’ I just know that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and try not to beat myself up.”

11. Andrea McClean

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The British TV presenter wrote about her postpartum depression ordeal. Andrea said it was difficult for her to admit she was dealing with such a condition because she saw herself as one of life’s ‘copers’.

She repeatedly tried to pull herself together, but that became even more difficult with every new trial. She recalled how she made sure she wasn’t ruffled by the experience and kept the children happy and the house neatly organised.

However, she felt like she was cracking up wherever she was on her own. She said she could be in the middle of an important meeting and breakdown all of a sudden.

12. Brooke Shields

Shields has also let the cat out of the bag with her postpartum depression ordeal. She revealed how she learnt about what was going on inside her body and inside her brain, and that was the first step to understanding that it wasn’t her fault that she felt the way she did.

She explained that she realised the situation was out of her control and if she had been diagnosed with some other disease she would have found a way to rush out in search of help. “

If I were diagnosed with another disease I would have run to get help. I would have worn it like a badge. I didn’t in the first place but finally I fought and I survived.”

13. Elle Macpherson

Elle Macpherson
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Macpherson discussed how she was ready to get all the help that she needed.

Macpherson shared that she took the steps that were necessary for her to take to gain recovery ” the truth was I just did what I needed to do and addressed a lot of issues that needed to be addressed. And I had a well-earned break which I really needed as well.”

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14. Valerie Plame Wilson

This former united states CIA operations officer shared with NPR that she had earlier suffered postpartum depression.

According to Valerie what she could remember even though a lot of it was blood was that she just wanted to go away and it made no logical sense because she was married to the person she actually loved.

She said she had two beautiful children and they had a very supportive family so feeling the way she did not make any form of sense to her and she knew it wouldn’t make any sense to anyone else.

Valerie mentioned she had to deal with the feeling of emptiness and she also felt very dull without being emotionally responsive.

15. Lena Heady

This game of thrones actress revealed that she had suffered clinical depression right from her teenage age and when it hit her again after the birth of her child she was completely broken.

According to Lena, she had postpartum depression, and she didn’t realise that for a long time. ” I went a bit nuts and eventually I had to go see a guy who mixes western and eastern philosophy in terms of medicine, and this guy put me on a cause of something that changed everything”.

16. Angelina Jolie

Even though Angelina Jolie did not officially come out to say that she battled with postpartum depression after she had her twin babies her life struggles were very challenging became evident after the birth of the kids.

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A source close to the actress revealed that she often slipped into depression, saying that “She has been trying to control her emotions around her older children, but her mood swings have been hard on the entire family…She has been staying in bed most of the time, all she does is sleep.

She has little energy and has to force herself to remember to eat because she is still breastfeeding. She cries at the drop of a hat and laughs at inappropriate times.”

17. Chrissy Teigen

After the birth of Chrissy and John legend’s daughter Luna in 2016, the model revealed that she dealt with postpartum depression. She shared her experience via an open letter.

The model and wife of famous singer John legend said:  I had everything I needed to be happy. And yet, for much of the last year, I felt unhappy.

What basically everyone around me—but me—knew up until December was this: I have postpartum depression…I looked at my doctor, and my eyes welled up because I was so tired of being in pain. Of sleeping on the couch.

Of waking up throughout the night. Of throwing up. Of taking things out on the wrong people. Of not enjoying life. Of not seeing my friends.

Of not having the energy to take my baby for a stroll. My doctor pulled out a book and started listing symptoms, And I was like, “Yep, yep, yep.”

Chrissy also shared how she felt selfish to tell people that she was struggling, but as time goes on, she finds out that it takes strength to come out and let people know how you’re dealing with such a condition.

Have you ever dealt with postpartum depression or you know anyone who has? Please do not hesitate to leave a comment below.

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Chrissy Teigen
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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

Emmanuella Ekokotu
Ekokotu Emmanuella is a sociologist and Anthropologist, writer, and fashion model who lives in Benin city, Edo state,Nigeria.
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