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15 Bridal Updo Hairstyles to Inspire You


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Kingsley Felix
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There are different stages in life and one has to be prepared for each as it never comes back again. When talking about stages, one of the most exciting stages is when you finally decide to walk down the aisle and say ‘I do’ to your lovebird.


It goes without saying that you invite friends of all calibers to witness as you exchange vows with your dream husband.

Therefore, it’s important to consider your dress and most importantly what you wear on your head. If you want to be the center of focus, put a unique hair that guests can’t get their eyes from.

If you have an upcoming wedding and would like to stand out, consider these 15 bridal updo hairstyles that will give you a glamorous look.

1. Mod, Twisted High Bun

Mod, Twisted High BunWalking down the aisle is a train that comes once in a lifetime and you must do everything possible to look exceptionally beautiful, and you can never go wrong by choosing Diane Kruger’s Grecian up-do.

It’s a unique hairstyle and looks great with both long and medium hair. Before your big day, it’s important to twist your hair into a side up-do and tease it slightly and every eye will be on you.

2. Bridal Coif

Bridal CoifIf you’ve admired actress Maria Menounos, you then have a reason to consider Coif for your upcoming wedding.

This hairstyle blends in excellently with vintage wedding gowns and if you want to stand out, gather your hair high on top of the head and leave a small section of bangs hanging, creating a big twist loosely and pinning down the bun.

Brush the bangs to the side and pin the edge of the bun and then spray your well-made hair and you will look even more outstanding and definitely the center of focus.

3. Braided Updo

Braided UpdoIt is without a doubt that Les Misérables actress Amanda Seyfried is an admiration to many especially with the thick milkmaid braid up-do. If you’d like to stand out, move your hair at the center of your head into a high ponytail and separate it into three sections.


Braid it to the tips and fix it with a clear elastic. Roll the braid into a bun and finish up by spraying it and wait what unveils as on your big day.

4. Messy updo

Messy updoIf you love the starlet from Pineapple Express Amber Heard hairstyles, you have a reason to choose messy up-do on your upcoming wedding. Amber looks stunning with this gently curled blonde up-do which blends excellently with her makeup not forgetting her earrings.

If you’d want to look exactly like Amber, your dreams could come true especially when you try teasing your hair at the crown of your head, fix it into a loose bun and consider flyaway hairs.

5. Sleek Chignon with Tiara

Slender Chignon with TiaraThe Phantom of the Opera actress Emmy Rossum is a true definition of beauty, especially when wearing this sleek Chignon and an astonishing tiara. If you don’t love wispy and soft wedding hairdos, the sleek chignon is absolutely amazing with a little bit of an edge.

6. Updo with a headband

Updo with a headbandIf you admire Castle actress Stana Katic’s sophisticated looks, you should make a point of duplicating her during the upcoming wedding with a loose updo with wispy bangs and flyaway hairs.

It will excellently blend with your looks and if you want to stand out and make other women jealous of you, fix your bun at the back side of your neck for an outstanding wedding hairdo.

7. Elegant UPdo

Elegant UPdoFashionista Olivia Palermo never ceases to amaze as long as the hairstyle is of concern. She looks classy and stylish with her slightly poofed up-do and her middle-parting blends excellently with her face thereby drawing more attention on the cheekbones.

She is an admiration to many and if you’d want to look like her on your wedding day, divide your hair into different sections from above, twist them and fix all to your head.

8. Reto-Inspired Bun

Reto-Inspired BunWe all know actress Dita Von Teese from mad men and many people define her based on the extraordinary retro-inspired bun that looks exquisite on her. If you are looking forward to voluminous and thicker locks on your wedding day, this is the perfect hairstyle for you.

It comes with loads of versatility that makes it perfect to wear night or day and will blend excellently with the outfit of your choice.


9. The Hot Bun

The Hot BunThe definition of the hot bun hairstyle is beyond our imagination. If you have short straight hair, the hot bun hairstyle will not disappoint you on your big day.

It’s a simple hairstyle and not hard to make and if you want everyone to talk about you, consider pairing it with a hair accessory and finish it with a jeweled barrette.

10. Low twisted bun

Low twisted bunIf you have ever wondered what makes songstress Selena Gomez look exceptional, the answer is the big twisted bun she wears on her head.

And if you have long hair, you don’t have a reason to get jealous of Selena as you can make yourself her duplicate with this low twisted bun on your wedding day. This hairstyle keeps your hair out of your face giving you an opportunity for the groom to see you clearly.

11. High Bun

High BunIf you love model Ariadne, you have a reason to try out high bun which is her all-time best hairstyle. If you’d want to stand out during your wedding day and you have medium-length hair, it will only take you few minutes to look like Ariadne.

For effectiveness, pull your hair into a ponytail and twist it into a tight bun, and then fix it excellently with a discreet look. You can as well spray it and weight as you witness all eyes on your head.

12. Voluminous Updo

Voluminous UpdoActress Scarlett Johansson never ceases to amaze with her exquisite hairstyles and if you want to copy her, going for the voluminous up-do on your wedding day would be your dream come true.

13. Messy Criss-Cross Braids

Messy Criss-Cross BraidsIf you are planning on a garden wedding, it’s important to copy the looks of Kristen Stewarts and wear messy criss-cross braids. Ensure that the side-braids fall on your face and scoop back into a messy chignon. Also, add a jewellery on the well-made hair and put on a perfect makeup for your big day.

14. Sleek Side-Swept Chignon

Sleek Side-Swept ChignonIt’s without a doubt that the Amazing Spider-Man actress Emma Stone is an admiration to many and she becomes even more attractive with her amazing sleek chignon.

If you are looking for a hairstyle with amazing texture, stunning hair color, flattering side-swept fringe, and lovely wispy flyaway hairs on your wedding, the sleek side-swept chignon is a perfect choice.


15. French Braid Crown

French Braid CrownFrench braid crown is a perfect hairstyle no wonder its loved by many women such as Hayden Panettiere, and it’s definitely a perfect choice for your wedding and will make you stand out.

Final thoughts

A wedding is a one-day event and you should make the best of it. When you send wedding invitations, many guests come to see the make of your wedding dress but if you’d want to make the day exceptional, try out any of the above bridal hairstyles and every eye will be on your head. After the wedding, everyone will be talking about how glamorous your hair looked.

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