Zumba fitness training program has become a popular way to stay fit after its invention in 1990s by Columbian dancer and fitness trainer Alberto Perez. It has become famous in places around the world as all fitness centers have begun to include Zumba classes in their fitness regime for customers.

Asides from making it possible to stay fit and have fun at the same time, there are many other benefits of Zumba. Some of them are:

1. Calorie and fat burning

Zumba incorporates aerobics and dance and these two, separately burn a large amount of calories when performed. The combination of these two maximizes the fat burning capacity of this workout. Zumba provide intervals in pace of music and type of movement.

This causes class members’ energy expenditure to be maximized and the more energy put in, the more work done and the more calorie and fat burned. In a typical Zumba class of about an hour long, class members burn about 600-1000 calories.

2. Perfect for all ages

Zumba is one exercise program that has different classes and can be done by anyone and everyone independent of your age. It is perfect for everyone. There is Zumba for kids, which is the Zumba kids class, and Zumba for older people and beginners called the Zumba gold.

3. Full body workout

Aside from its heart health benefits, Zumba makes sure you move all parts of your body and all muscles are worked on from your upper body to your lower body. It thus helps tone every part of your body.

4. Improved coordination

Performing Zumba frequently increases your coordination which you need as you grow.

5. Aerobic benefits

Zumba is performed to an energizing music this music usually has a fast pace which makes you move fast and this is good when you are trying to build your endurance and strength

6. Anaerobic benefits

Zumba, being an energy demanding exercise, increases the intake of oxygen to be sufficient with the body’s needs at the time.

In the long run, your body adapts to increase amount of oxygen intake during high intensity activities. It also helps maintain a good cardiovascular and respiratory system.

7. Can be addicting

Who says all addictions are bad? Zumba, being a fun way to burn fat, makes you want to come back for more.

This way, it is easier to stay fit as Zumba becomes a part of your routine and with its many health benefits, constantly performing Zumba keeps you healthy and fit doing something you love doing. It so fun and stress relieving, you actually start looking forward to it.

8. Its social

When attending Zumba classes, you get to meet fun and exciting people. You could also bring your friends along as anyone can join. It could also be a fun date idea for you and your partner to spend time together, socialize and have fun. Some Zumba instructors also throw Zumba parties.

9. Boosts your body’s metabolism

Zumba boosts your body’s function and increases the rate of metabolism during exercise. Also when you are idle and not even performing Zumba, your body metabolism still works at a fast pace helping to keep you lean.

10. Increased confidence and esteem

Zumba has been said to make you feel more confident, lower inhibitions, improve posture with the different combination of exercise, improves your coordination and makes you feel good about yourself.

The physical changes that come overtime with Zumba reflect on your mood. And when you feel good, your confidence is boosted.

11. Body toning

Zumba is a total body workout and works your entire body and muscles and helps achieve a toned fit body

12. Stress reliever

Zumba is a fun way of exercising the body and also exercising the mind. Mentally trying to keep up with the beats and movements strengthen your mind and is relaxing and you get to relive the stress of the day and you also get mentally strong which could help face difficulties easier and with an open mind.

13. Mood boosting

Some people say they go into a Zumba class feeling down or moody and come out happier and feeling a sense of relief like a huge weight was lifted from their shoulders.

Zumba has the amazing benefit of relieving tension in the body. It gets rid of stress and also releases the mod improving endorphin in the body