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12 Ways How Turmeric Milk can be Beneficial for your Health

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There was a time when every home had an in-house GP or general practitioner. Sounds fiction? No, it’s the truth. In the good old days, mothers were known to have cure for most of the common illnesses. Over a period of time, even mothers evolved and switched roles. However, their age old prescriptions continue to provide us with some amazing home made remedies which not only heal us but make us strong in the process.

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Remember honey syrups, hot soups, and garlic laced food? These were replacements for aspirins and antibiotic medicines. Amongst all the bitter sweet medicinal recipes the one which has stood the test of time and which since time immemorial has offered relief to all and sundry is turmeric. This is one spice which can be consumed as liquid, food or even exploited as paste.   Turmeric is one of the best natural remedies for an array of common and serious illnesses which bring instant and long lasting results unlike allopathic medicines with suppress ailment and offers temporary relief.

Mothers knew it and that is the reason why every subsequent generation at some point in time have experienced the power of this large aromatic deep yellow rhizome; also a source of condiment and yellow dye. Turmeric, also called Curcuma Longa, grows in the wild forests of many South and South East Asian regions. It is synonymous with Indian dishes and a native to tropical Tamilnadu.

So, what makes turmeric such a popular and powerful medicine? It is because of its myriad of magical properties which makes it the king of all natural medicines. As mentioned above, it can be consumed daily with food, used as an application or added in milk. The last concoction is called Manjal Pal in South India, especially Tamil Nadu. Turmeric milk offers instant relief from cold and fever. It is one of the preferred ways of treating someone suffering from viral flu in native India. It can also be downed in normal circumstances, even when a person is healthy as it builds strong immune system and keeps most of the chronic and even lethal diseases at bay.

Mentioned below are 12 ways on how turmeric milk can benefit your health.

1. Anti-inflammatory

Offers quick relief from internal and external inflammation. Whether it is an insect bite or inflammation of internal organ, turmeric milk is a perfect remedy which also prevents recurring swelling.

2. Antioxidant

Turmeric milk helps protect our bodies from free radicals and thereby prevents damage of healthy cells. This typically means slowing down the ageing process. So, if you want to look good and young make sure you include this drink in your daily menu.

3. Antitumor

Yes, turmeric is a great resource for improving resistance and thereby development of tumours and cancer forming cells. Its anti-carcinogenic properties are clinically proven. By consuming milk with a pinch of turmeric every morning, you are assured of good health.

4. Antibacterial

If consumed regularly it prevents infection and hastens recovery from problems such as eczema, allergies and even chicken pox.

5. Antiviral

A great anti viral edible stuff offering instant relief from fever and pain. Turmeric milk if consumed everyday prevents frequent viral attacks.

6. Antiseptic

Although turmeric paste can be applied directly on the wound along with other ingredients it is equally effective when consumed with milk. Its antiseptic property heals wounds, cuts and bruises faster then chemical based creams. It prevents formation of acne, pimples and in conjunction with milk and milk cream evolves into a great tan remover.
Some of the other benefits which do not fall under any particular category are mentioned below.

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7.  Enhances blood circulation

Turmeric milk in general and turmeric in particular unclogs brain clots, one of the causes of several deadly illnesses such as paralysis, Alzheimer’s disease and other mental problems.  Improved blood circulation translates into improved oxygen flow which is good for brain.

8. Liver detoxification

Our liver is the workhorse of our body and system. One of the important tasks that it undertakes regularly is to eject toxins, typically lethal food and inedible stuff. Turmeric milk potion helps liver in this task thereby reducing its burden. Incidentally, liver is an extremely vital organ of our body and any inefficiency on its part can result in serious illnesses.

9. Reduce cholesterol

Our body contains good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. Turmeric milk helps reduce LDL cholesterol which belongs to the latter category. It also reduces oxidation of LDL which ultimately damages the tissues. Regular consumption reduces cholesterol by 30 to 40%.

10. Stimulate our immune system –

Yet another facet of turmeric and milk combination is the way it stimulates the immune system, developing resistance against several known and unknown irritants. Better immunity leads to improved and healthier living.

11. Respiratory and stomach illness

That turmeric milk is good for lungs and stomach is an understatement. Whether it is asthma or diarrhoea, a warm cup of turmeric milk offers instantaneous relief.

12. Natural analgesic

Yet another amazing property of turmeric is its pain reducing capability. Grand mothers and mothers often ask their near and dear ones to consume milk with large amount of turmeric in case of body aches, sprain or severe catch. It typically reduces pain and unwinds twisted and tired muscles.

Many of the above mentioned properties and its effects are being tried, tested and analysed regularly in various laboratories around the world. While some have been proven beyond doubt others still need more proof and study. Irrespective of the outcome, the fact cannot be denied that several compounds present in turmeric have medicinal qualities which give respite to humans from various pains and sufferings.

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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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