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12 Reasons Why Sex Is Important for a Healthy Relationship?

Sex is a natural act that is good for the well-being of the human body. The act does not only cause significant improvements in physical health, but also holds many benefits for the psychological health of a person.

With this in mind, it is also important to consider the fact that sex involves two people, and while sex will offer both individuals benefits on individual benefits, the act also helps to create a sense of passion and a higher connection between the two people that is involved in the activity.

When two people is in a relationship, sex plays a significant part in making sure the relationship is healthy and in good standing – and that’s exactly what we want to focus on in this post.

We are going to discuss the most significant benefits that sex has when it comes to maintaining a healthy relationship between two lovers.

Wheelbarrow Sex Position

We are not only going to consider the benefits that directly affects the relationship’s health, but also consider the individual benefits that, in turn, has an indirect benefit for the relationship.

Sex Is The Perfect Way To Bond

Bonding is an essential part of a healthy relationship, but we often tend to overlook the fact that we need to spend time together privately to truly bond. We are constantly surrounded by kids, family and friends, which makes it really hard to bond with a partner.

When you enter your bedroom, however, then all of those distractions are put to rest. This means getting busy in the bedroom is possible and it will be a great way for you and your partner to bond on an intimate level.

It Is A Way To Spend Precious Time Together

When our lives are busy, filled with work, taking care of the kids, cleaning the house and more, we do not get as much time with our partners as we would want to. At night, there is hardly chance to get a discussion in before you fall asleep.

The problem is, this causes you and your partner to grow apart from each other. Soon you won’t even know each other anymore if you fail to spend quality time together.

Sex is an excellent way to spend precious time together – put on a sexy movie, get out those sexy clothes and get that spark back. If you need a little size down below, then try out a penis enlargement exercise for a couple of days before you plan a special night.

Both of You Will Sleep Better

Sleep deprivation is something that many of us suffer from. Not getting enough sleep leads to many health concerns, such as an increased risk of heart disease, as well as other diseases. It also reduces your productivity and makes you more likely to be part of a car accident.

Sex is a particular activity that has been proven to be beneficial for people suffering from insomnia, according to Elite Daily. When you sleep better, you’ll feel less tired and have the ability to spend more time with your partner.

Improvements in Mood

When your partner is moody, it can be quite frustrating and it also causes the two of you to spend less time together. In many cases, a moody partner would not want to do spend quality time with you and would want to get to bed and sleep as soon as the two of you get to the bedroom.

Sex improves mood in different ways – first, by being able to help reduce your stress and, secondly, by improving your sleep quality, which contributes to a better mood.

A bad mood often causes problems with libido and erectile function in men, but performing a series of exercises for erectile dysfunction might help you out when the time comes.

Reduces Stress

While we are talking about mood, it is also important to note that sex has been linked to lower levels of stress. Let’s face it – stress affects most of us, and quite a lot of people are suffering from extremely high levels of stress.

Greatist explains that sex is able to reduce stress signals that are present in the brain, which, in turn, causes stress levels to reduce and anxiety symptoms to improve.

An Exercise That the Both of You Can Enjoy

Men often enjoy going to the strength training section of the gym to lift some weights, while women would most often rather opt for the treadmill and other cardio training options. This means you and your partner are not very likely to work out together when you go to the gym.

The Telegraph reports that sex is a form of physical exercise, which means this particular physical exercise is one that you and your partner can enjoy together.

Sex Gives You A Good Workout

Still on the subject of physical exercise, sex is able to give both you and your partner a good workout. Physical exercise is very important for the general well-being of the human body, and even has numerous benefits for the mind.

By giving you and your partner a good workout, you are improving your health, which makes both of you feel better about yourselves. In turn, you’ll feel more “up to it” when sex is on the table.

Physical exercise is also known to increase fertility in men, so if you are looking to become pregnant, then sex, combined with the fact that the activity counts as exercise, should be considered.

Improves Heart Health

Everyday Health reports that sex is an excellent activity for improving and supporting heart health. A weak heart is prone to heart disease, and several other factors can also affect heart health adversely. Reduced heart health can affect a man’s erectile function.

Having more sex to support heart health means symptoms are less likely to become present; thus increasing the amount of sex you and your partner can have in the future.

Better Confidence

Confidence plays a big part in our lives. Not only does it help us make friends and move in up in the workplace, but it also has a role to play in maintaining our relationships. If you lack confidence, you may not be able to truly make your partner happen for one of many reasons.

If you have sex and your partner is thoroughly satisfied, the sight of your partner’s pleasure will boost your confidence significantly.

Relieves Pain

Pain affects all of us at some point. It may be as simple as a mild headache, or become present in more painful symptoms, such as joint pain and back pain.

When pain is present, we can become moody and aggressive. Organic Authority explains that several scientific studies have proven sex to be beneficial for relieving pain without the use of medication.

A Stronger Immune System

When your partner is sick, you want to take care of them – but, in the end, you cannot spend time together in the same way you do when your partner is healthy.

Illness can struck at any time, and can even be severe and cause hospitalization in some cases. A stronger immune system, however, can help to combat disease.

Sex has also been linked to a stronger immune system, which means, with regular sex, you’ll be less likely to become sick.

Makes You Live Longer

Frequently having sex might help you and your partner live longer – which means you’ll ultimately be able to spend more time together for a longer period of time.

Doctor Mercola explains that sex lowers blood pressure, boosts heart health, gives you a workout, helps you keep your mental health in check and assists with many other factors related to longevity.


A healthy relation has numerous benefits for both you and your partner, but to maintain a healthy relationship, a lot of work needs to be done. There are some things that can make things somewhat easier – such as frequently initiating a session of steamy sex.

In this guide, we outlined some of the many benefits that your relationship, as well as both you and your partner individually, can gain from regularly having sex.

Now you have 12 reasons to get your partner in the mood tonight – so that you, your partner and your relationship can benefit from these advantages.

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