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12 Healthy Breakfast Options Your Children Will Love


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Emmanuella Ekokotu
Ekokotu Emmanuella is a sociologist and Anthropologist, writer, and fashion model who lives in Benin city, Edo state,Nigeria.

Every mom is a superhero, and that’s why they always try to feed their children a healthy breakfast no matter how busy the morning may be.


No doubt it is mostly a challenge getting up from the bed and preparing a good breakfast on weekday mornings especially when you have to get the kids set for school and also get ready for work.

There are easy and quick breakfast options that are healthy and tasty enough to have your kids asking for more. This article will introduce you to these healthy breakfast options and just might find yourself packing some for the kids to take to school.

1. Baked avocado eggs

If your children love avocados, they will be grateful you made them this creamy and nutritious meal for breakfast. All you have to do is cut an avocado in half, crack an egg and fill the centre hole with It.

Bake avocado with the eggs for a few minutes and breakfast is ready. Your kids will love it because the sunny side of the egg will be up. You can add any topping off your choice to spice things up.

2. Banana tahini baked oatmeal cups

You don’t have to spend long hours in the kitchen to make something nutritious for your children. You can easily bake a batch of these lovely muffin tin treats that your children will love and will make your kitchen smell good.

All you have to do is combine rolled oats, ripe bananas, nutty tahini, and some cinnamon with milk and some other nice ingredients then bake for some minutes. Baked oatmeal is a favourite for many children especially when it’s one that comes with a unique taste.

3. Eggs in the basket

The name of this breakfast is funny, and I’m certain your kids will want to say it over and over as they enjoy it. Eggs in the basket are also called toad in the hole or eggs in the nest and it a super fast breakfast that your kids can help with.

Depending on how old your kids are, you can have them help you cut out toast centre with any shape of cookie cutter. Once the middle of the toast has been cut, the next thing to do is crack an egg and fill the middle of the toast with it then proceed to fry or bake the toast. Easy yea?

4. Zucchini carrot bread

This is a very healthy breakfast option because it is a combination of your regular bread ingredients and nutritious vegetables. It has a sumptuous cake like feel and taste coupled with a tempting aroma that will have your kids running to the kitchen to see what mommy is making.


5. Greek mini frittatas

The frittatas most of us are used to are normally made in one large skillet, and then you have to cut a piece when you want to eat. This one makes use of little muffin tins so that your kids can pick up a piece and eat on the go.

To make these, all you need to do is crack some eggs and combine with dried herbs, sliced fresh vegetables, and any seasoning of your choice. Once the mixture is ready, pour into cups and proceed to bake in an oven for a few minutes. These frittatas freeze good too.

6. Strawberry smoothie

If you are thinking of how to get your kids to consume antioxidant-rich fruits then your magical answer in here. There is so much to love about this drink that requires no more than four ingredients.

Combine fresh or frozen berries with yoghurt and any other two fruits of your choice. Adding some protein powder is a great option and thought kids are sure to feel full and active till it’s time for lunch.

7. Whole wheat pancakes

You will be pleased to see your kids enjoy this whole wheat pancakes because they are not only a healthy breakfast option but then are super easy to make.

While wheat pancakes are high in fibre which is great from digestion. You can make a batch of fluffy pancakes and save them in the fridge, so all you have to do on busy weekday mornings is to microwave them for the kids. You can serve with maple syrup, butter, or even with some nice vegetables.

8. Tofu breakfast scramble

You don’t have to make your kids miss eating eggs if you are going vegan. This Scrabbled tofu is almost exactly like having scrambled eggs for breakfast, and they are super healthy. You can serve the scrambled tofu on its own or pile it up on top of pancakes or even toast.

9. Oat milk

If you have been searching for a nut or a dairy-free milk alternative then here is your answer. Oat milk not only replaces the regular milk, but it also comes with a load of healthy fibre and protein. Once you get hold of oat milk, use it in place of regular milk when you are cooking or baking foods that have milk as part of the recipe.

10. Avocado toast

Just like grown-ups, kids will enjoy the creamy and crispy texture of this easy to make breakfast.

Avocados are naturally nutrient dense, and when combined with whole wheat bread or multi-grain bread it becomes a nutrient bomb. You can simply use avocado as a spread for bread or have it baked and served with bread.


11. Banana bread

If you are wondering what to do with those overripe bananas on your kitchen counter, the banana bread recipe is waiting.

Children will love banana bread because of its fruity taste and also because it’s not going to take mum too much time to prepare. You can include chocolate chips to your banana bread if you want to make it extra special for the kids.

12. Breakfast cookies

You may be surprised to see cookies on this list, but this cookie option is healthy for children. The vegan cookie is a soft and child-friendly food that you can pack for the kids as they hurry off to school.

All you need is wheat flour, coconut milk, some coconut oil, baking powder, and bananas to add taste.

For the recipes of the above foods, check our posts on how to make different kinds of foods. Have fun making breakfast that the kids will happily munch!

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