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10 Things You Can Do With Your Partner to Be Fully Happy

A study has it that at least three out of five couples blame their breakup on social media such as “Instagram and Facebook”. This is because couples spend more time on the internet rather than with each other. How often do you find couples who don’t maintain good communication with each other happy?

It’s almost impossible finding couples who spend time together, doing things they both love together, having relationship issues. You might probably be thinking, what are these things couples do that strengthens the bond in a relationship? Why don’t you read on?

1. Couples should cook and eat together

It definitely helps a relationship if couples find the time to cook and eat together. This automatically boosts the bond between both parties and helps improve communication. Cooking with your partner has loads of benefits as you both not only prepare foods together but get to share memories, play with each other, discuss crucial matters (kids), and enjoy quality time together.

You both get to save time cooking as you get to share kitchen roles and no one gets to feel as tired as when cooking alone. One of the pecks of cooking with your partner is that you both get to learn new kitchen tricks and share ideas on fresh foods. To make cooking with your partner fun, you could get a cookbook to up your game and spice up the time you’d be spending with “Bae” in the kitchen. Don’t forget to wear a sexy apron.

2. Stare into each other’s eyes

Spending some minutes looking into each other’s eyes can be as powerful as it is simple. This is an easy way of connecting with your better half and getting to understand how they vibe through their eyes. The good thing is, while you are feeling them, they are equally feeling you.

It’s a win-win. Eye-gazing is an effective way of establishing a stronger connection with your partner as it helps in breaking barriers and build a stronger emotional connection between you and your partner.

It doesn’t take much to establish gazing. You could simply do it in bed when you lay down together, or at a park when sharing a moment. Two to three minutes is just fine with this exercise. You can even extend it for as long as you are comfortable.

3. Share memories

It is nice if you share the memories you had with your partner together. Finding the time to reminisce about things you both done together not only brings back good memories, make you laugh, love each better, it also gives the relationship a sense of purpose as it makes partners realise how far they’ve come. Talking about your first kiss together, stories of how awkward the first date was, first sex, how you both didn’t like each other at first, a first child together, etc, could significantly improve the bond in a relationship.

You both could watch your wedding videos with your kids, read the love letters you both sent each other back in the day. Talking about these experiences is useful for when you want a repeat of your favourite memories. Memories shared unite partners even more by bringing up pleasant and exciting moments.

4. Talk about the good part of your day

One effective way of relieving stress and keeping the positive energy between you and your partner is by discussing how good your day went. Talk about the humorous aspect, the unbelievable part and how amazing you enjoyed yourself.

Avoid talks that might offend or stir up tension and cause your partner to find the idea of talking a mistake. Let’s assume your day wasn’t as eventful as it ought; you could still do well to find something positive to discuss.

You could simply start the talk by telling your partner to tell you how their day went. This not only shows your partner that you are interested in their day and well-being, but that you care about them too. It is a straightforward way of staying emotionally connected with your spouse.

5. Dance together

With the right song and warm environment, you and your partner could maximise your cognitive functions by dancing. Trying new dance moves and studying each other’s physical movements not only allows you and your partner exercise your bodies, but you also get to have fun.

A couple of minutes to move your legs and shake those hips won’t kill you. Salsa and foxtrot among several others are dance moves you could try. Creating the time to dance together not only allows for physical contact, relieve stress, but also spice your relationship with some passion.

At least fifteen minutes of dancing to your favourite songs would increase the verbal and non-verbal communication between you and your partner.

6. Massage each other

offering to give your partner massages helps them feel even more relaxed, and the fact that the massage is coming from someone they love (YOU), makes them feel even more secure.

It doesn’t have to be a full body massage; feet rubs, gently massaging the side of the head or back or the shoulders is enough to help reduce the stress level in your partner and increasing their positive attitude in handling the relationship. You both could take turns in massaging yourselves at least twice a week. Doing things like this not only help improve the physical but also with the mental state of you and your partner.

7. Read together

Another activity you and your partner can adopt is reading. It could be blog posts, a thread online, comments or even books (magazines and novels). There are countless sites now that you can download books from and you can do well to share with your partner, helping with the flow of information between you two.

Reading helps keep the mind sharp as you both learn new information and sharing similar interests. It also helps your relationship grow as your partner gets to understand how you think through your discussions on books read, thus, improving the connection in your relationship.

8. Listen to music and sing to each other

Music they say is the food of the soul. You could create a selection of beautiful songs you both could listen to before bed. There are enough songs to last you 100 lifetimes. This means, there are tons of option of songs to listen and sing to just before you sleep.

Think of it as a lullaby, but it gets to build a stronger connection in your relationship and also help with insomnia. Studies have it that there some positive psychological benefits to singing and listening to music with your partner. Music lightens the mood, help with the release of good energy, helps in making you feel happier, and aids in boosting self-confidence.

9. Be grateful

Science says that being grateful isn’t just an action, but also an emotional response of appreciation and a form of generosity and kindness. Showing you are thankful, improve communication strength, and you can express gratitude in different ways. You could thank your woman for a delicious dinner, and make her you appreciate how she cares for the kids when you are away.

If you aren’t good with words, you can show some gratitude by your actions: breakfast in bed, vacation, a chocolate treat, or an evening out to their favourite joint. This not only empowers a relationship, but it also motivates partners to do even better.

10. Go to bed at the same time

Partners who don’t go to bed at the same time may experience several problems in their relationship. This would mean, partners, spend less bedtime together, probably never communicate, don’t cuddle, and have less sexual activity.

There is power in intimacy and one efficient way in building it is by going to bed together, or they risk breaking up. Going to bed together also reduces the feeling of loneliness, improves the level of intimacy and builds a stronger bond between partners. If you engage in activities not listed above that has helped you and your partner grow, feel free to share in the comment section.

I do hope you enjoyed reading this? Let us know what you do with your partner in the comment box below.

Oluwafemi Michael
Oluwafemi Michael is an online Mental Health Therapist, Advocate for Mental Health Awareness, a programmer, and also a content creator from Edo state, Akoko-Edo LG.

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