Most people admit to feeling a little jealous after being flashed by a smile belonging to someone with amazing teeth. Whether through natural or artificial methods, people who sport beautiful smiles are typically able to do so because of certain systems and tricks.

Here are ten tips for beautiful, white teeth from people with envy-inspiring pearly whites (a special thanks to orthodontists from Amazing Smile Dental in Langley for information in this post):

Eat Fruit with Meals

According to actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, fruits help to cleanse and brighten teeth after meals. The actress explains that acids in pineapples and strawberries lighten stains on teeth and that apples cleanse teeth. She even rubs strawberries directly onto her teeth to whiten her smile.

Brush with Baking Soda

Actress Julia Roberts states that her stunning smile can be attributed to brushing with baking soda. She adds that you should still brush with regular toothpaste for cavity prevention.

Rinse with Raisins

Surgeon, author, and television personality Dr. Oz explains that raisins are like natural mouth wash. He says that because raisins induce saliva production, they help to rinse away plaque and keep teeth white.

Use Whitening Toothpaste in a Unique Way

Journalist Katie Couric reveals that she keeps her teeth white by rubbing whitening toothpaste on them previous to taking a shower.

Oil Pulling

Celebrity Gwyneth Paltrow suggests the Ayurvedic practice of oil pulling is beneficial to teeth whitening along with overall health. She swishes coconut oil in her mouth for twenty minutes and spits it out like mouth wash.

Accentuate Your Smile

Celebrity make-up artist Joanna Schlip recommends that dusting your face with bronzer adds a natural glow that helps the whites of your teeth stand out. She also suggests that cool toned lip glosses and red lipsticks create an allusion that teeth are whiter.

Don’t Brush Too Quickly

According to New York City’s top cosmetic dentist Dr. Nancy Rosen, you should wait thirty minutes to brush your teeth after drinking acidic drinks like grapefruit juice. Brushing too soon can grind acidity into teeth and wear off enamel.

Avoid Certain Snacks

Celebrity Sofia Vergara suggests that avoiding snacks rich in carbohydrates like chips helps reduce plaque buildup. Carbohydrates break down into simple sugars and are easily converted into plaque.

Brush Correctly

Celebrity dentist Dr. Johnathan Levine says that you should not brush your teeth too hard and to brush for at least two minutes. He says that most Americans only brush for an average of 38 seconds.

Keep It as Natural as Possible

Supermodel and actress Christie Brinkley advises that it is best to keep it natural when it comes to dental hygiene. She maintains good dental hygiene, goes to the dentist regularly for checkups, and keeps artificial teeth whitening to a minimum.

How do you keep your smile bright and white? Share any of your strategies!