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10 Stunning Taylor Swift Updo Hairstyles

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Taylor Swift is a public figure and she is an admiration to many, not only due to her role in the music industry but also due to her looks.


Every time she gets to the stage, everyone talks about her gorgeous looks thanks to the hairstyles she chooses that match excellently with her outstanding beauty.

Whether styled in a faux bob, sultry waves, or tousled bun, Taylor never ceases to amaze and if you’d like to look like her, here are 10 stunning updo hairstyles that makes her stunning.

Milkmaid Braid with Fringe

Milkmaid Braid with Fringe

The gorgeous Taylor never goes wrong in choosing her hairstyles. Whether she chooses full-on chic with rosy lips up-do, or a thin milkmaid braid slightly covering her forehead, she always stands out.

The milkmaid braid with fringe is easy to make and you can duplicate Taylor simply by dividing the fringe in front and braiding your hair at the flat area of your forehead and place it across your head. Fix the braids at a recommendable width from the forehead and you’ll definitely be a center of focus.

Ponytail with Bangs

Ponytail with Bangs

Taylor Swift becomes a center of focus when wearing this amazing ponytail with blunt bangs and every woman becomes envious of her stunning beauty.

If planning to attend different occasions and confused on what style to wear, ponytail with a bang is the best as it blends with any occasion, be it a wedding ceremony, dinner date, weekend party, or any official appointment. It’s simple to make as the only need to do is to brush a portion away from the forehead and pull the rest above the scruff and you are good to go.

Faux Bob

Faux Bob


If you have ever seen Taylor singing her heart out with her rounded faux bob, you definitely have a reason to be jealous of her. Faux bob is a combination of modern and old-school hairstyles and I bet it’s amazing.

You can as well look like her if you tuck long locks underneath. It will appear Shorter and don’t forget to apply a shine serum to smooth your flyaway. Divide your hair into two sections; top half of the hair on top of your head and bottom half of your hair and pin the ends to your head.

Bun with Soft Bangs

Bun with Soft Bangs

Bun with soft bangs is a perfect hairstyle for a formal occasion and Taylor Swift never goes wrong with this hairstyle which blends in perfectly with her golden locks.

If you have a narrow face, you have a reason to be proud of and appreciate nature by wearing this amazing hairstyle. If you’d want to stand out and be a center of focus, leave a few flyaway hairs to soften your features.

High Bun

High Bun

Taylor Swift never makes a wrong decision with this amazingly undone take. It’s a perfect choice for a second-day hair and when you include a wet-look hair gel, every eye in your workplace will be on your head.

If you’d want to duplicate Taylor, smooth your hair with your good-smelling gel over your hair and then comb it and pull it back into a high bun and don’t forget to leave some tendrils loose. That way, women will be jealous of you and all men will be admiring you.

Curly Chignon

Curly Chignon

Women of style would not shy away admitting that there is nothing sexier and classier than curls and chignons. As much as I would want to think otherwise, I’d probably never get another better way to express the curls with chignons than glamorous.


Taylor Swift realized this style and she never goes wrong with it. It matches her outstanding beauty with her characters. If you are planning to attend a baby shower with your girlfriends with a black dress code, the curly chignon is the perfect choice for that occasion.

Side Swept Bun

Side Swept Bun

The side-swept bun is a baroque and simple hairstyle and Taylor proves that you don’t need to style your buns to look perfect. This hairstyle comes with loads of advantages as it suits most face shapes and a perfect one for the summer.

If you want to look like Taylor, divide the side bangs to form a loose bun and fix it at the nape and wait to be the talk of the day.

Messy Bun

Messy Bun

When Taylor makes her hair in a cute curly chignon, she looks stunning and when she pulls her hair back baring her forehead, she looks even more stunning.

You can look like her by leaving a few flyaway hairs loose and comb feminine bun and twist it in the bottom bun. If planning to attend a casual to a classy occasion, the messy bun is the perfect hairstyle for you.

Curled Updo

Curled Updo

Taylor Swift loves the simple but classy hairstyle and when she chooses the curled up-do, you can’t fail to realize how glamorous she looks.

If you want to duplicate her, simply iron the bottom section hair and allow every section to fall with the weight of the curl and don’t forget to spray it with your best hairspray.


Twisted Bun

Twisted Bun

The classic twisted bun is one of the most amazing hairstyles on Taylor Swift. It’s simply an advanced typical low bun that adds loads of texture and dimension with its range of twists and loose strands.

You’d look even more gorgeous with twisted strands that have been wrapped up into a tight low bun.

Final thoughts

Taylor Swift is without one of the most amazing songstresses in the world. Every time she performs, you cannot fail to recognize her gorgeous look and her hair is always classy. If you’ve always admired her, you have a reason to smile as the above hairstyles will make you an admiration among many.

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