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10 Simple Makeup Tips For Brown-Eyed Women

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If you are blessed with brown eyes, you probably don’t have to be very specific while applying makeup. Though most shades go well with the brown eyes, there are a few makeup tricks that are considered best to make your eyes pop.

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If you have ever notice the color wheel you will definitely find that there is no opposite color for brown and this makes it a highly versatile to work with.

You can use almost any shades of eye shadows, eyeliners and lip colors for applying makeup effectively, but the following tips will enable you to enhance your beauty in a natural way.

1. Identify which shade of brown eyes you have

Before understanding which makeup will look best for your eyes, it is important to consider the shade of brown you have. Many women who have a darker shade of brown eyes can use the black and the shades, which are a bit on darker side to contour their eyes.

If you have a medium shade of brown eyes, you may use almost any shade that complements your skin tone. Women with light brown eyes should avoid the darker shade and use lighter shades of eye shadows like yellow and shimmery shades to bring out their natural beauty.

2. Take help of a concealer

If you have dark under eye circles, it becomes extremely important to use a concealer to hide it and drag attention to those natural brown eyes. Dab some concealer of the shade nearest to your skin tone and blend it perfectly.

Apply some foundation to get an even tone skin and see how your brown eyes pop up without those dark circles.

3. Apply an eye makeup base

In addition to hiding under eye circles, creating a base for eye makeup helps in keeping things in place for a longer time. Apply the base evenly over the eyelids and to the brow bone area so that it blends with other parts of your skin.

This creates a smoother surface to work on and also prevents clumping of the shadow near the creases of your eyelids.

4. Start with lighter shades

Nobody wants to remove excess eye shadow after applying makeup. It becomes messy and also ruins your look. For a better effect start by applying lighter shades at first.

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Apply lighter tones below your brow line to get an awakened look. Use darker shades gradually as you move near to your eyes. In this way, you will be creating a stunning effect to enhance your natural beauty.

5. Try neutral shades

Neutral shades of peach, taupe and even brown are best, if you want to make your eyes look natural yet attractive.

By using shades that are closer to your skin tone, you are just highlighting your eyes without giving it a dramatic look. Such shades are usually good for everyday makeup and make brown eyes more attractive.

6. Go for metallic tones

Metallic tones are considered best for brown eyes. They help in popping out your eyes and make them appear large and awakened. Use golden and bronze tones to highlight your brow line and corners of your eyes to get the dazzling look.

You may also pair up white eyeliner with metallic tones for an unusually beautiful effect.

7. Add some shimmer

If you want to brighten up your eyes, add shimmer to your eyelids while applying makeup. It makes your eyes pop out in a natural way and also make them appear beautiful without much effort.

8. Choose the correct eyeliner

Eyeliners play an important role in contouring your eyes and enhance your features. But choosing the right shade is extremely important. Most women use black eyeliners without considering their skin tone and eye color.

If you have brown eyes, you can choose from a wide range of colors starting from brown shades to even blue and green. These colors are best suited for brown eyes and helps in brightening them effectively.

9. Apply deep plum eyeliner

A deep plum eyeliner is a must have if your eyes are brown. The deep shade helps in bringing out your brown eyes and also adds a dramatic look to your eyes. If you are applying makeup for an evening party, use deep plum eyeliner instead for your usual brown one.

10. Play up with lashes

Eye makeup is incomplete without applying mascara. It helps in opening up the eyes and contours them in the perfect way. Just like eyeliners, you may try different shades of mascara too. Navy blue mascara goes well with brown eyes and makes them pop out in amazing ways.

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