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10 Romantic Vegan Dinner Ideas for Proposal Night

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When it comes to the proposal night dinner, it is hard to think ‘vegan’ and ‘romantic’ can exist in the same sentence. You need to think again. Romantic dinner ideas shouldn’t always be meat-based to leave a lasting impression. If you or your date has decided to go vegan, you can enjoy a plant-based dinner too and bring on the romance while also showing your thoughtful side.

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Vegan dinners are not only healthy but also delicious. If you want to surprise your beloved with a romantic vegan dinner as you pop the question, this article got you covered. Here are some tips on how to choose vegan dinner meal sets for a proposal night.


Although difficult to obtain, they provide large amounts of vitamin D and zinc. There are a variety of dishes which you can choose from if you want mushrooms as the main ingredient. They include;

  • Mushroom and leek risotto
  • Stuffed mushrooms
  • Vegan mushrooms Bourguignon,
  • Sweet potatoes and mushroom cannelloni,
  • Meaty mushroom marinara sauce
  • Mushroom stout pie with potato biscuit

These meals are guaranteed to please you and your partner.


This is always a good food choice for a romantic dinner. Pasta is delicious and is always bursting with flavors. Some of the best easy and tasty meals made with pasta include :

  • Vegan Spaghetti Alla Puttanesca
  • Vegetable Bolognese
  • Roasted garlic tomato spaghetti with garlic parmesan and bread crumbs
  • Vegan Bolognese with lentils and quinoa
  • Tomato walnut basil pasta
  • Cheesy Spaghetti with dill and green peppercorns sauce etc.

Cashew nuts

Dishes such as vegan fondue which use rice, potatoes, and cashews is one of the most delicious fondues that you can dip anything in it. It is a good appetizer to light up the mood for dinner. Other examples include;

  • Cashew ricotta stuffed shells
  • Enchiladas with spicy cashew cream
  • Beet tartare with cashew cheese


Dinner won’t be complete if you don’t have a taste of eggplant on the meal. Eggplants are known to be rich in iron and calcium and are also delicious. Some of the dinner ideas that will leave your partner asking for more are;

  • Eggplant parmesan
  • Grilled eggplant with tomato and feta
  • Ricotta-stuffed eggplant rolls
  • Eggplant and goat cheese sandwiches and more.

These dishes are easy to prepare, healthy and a perfect choice on the proposal night.


Green leafy vegetables are the main ingredient for most vegan dishes. They are the first thing your mind thinks of when you hear the term vegan. Spinach and kale contain high amounts of calcium that is needed for a healthy body. But today, you will be using spinach to spice up your dishes for a proposal night. Examples of romantic dinner ideas that comprise of spinach include;

  • Grilled breaded tofu steak with spinach salad and tomato flaxseed bread
  • Spinach, hummus and bell pepper wraps
  • Spinach and humming enchiladas with spicy cashew cream.

Potatoes/Sweet potatoes

You can’t go wrong when you have some potatoes in the dinner dish. If your partner loves them, the promise of this meal will sway them to have a perfect night out. Here you go! Try out some of these dishes;

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  • Mushroom stout pie with potato biscuits
  • Vegan fondue
  • Sweet potato and avocado bites,
  • Grilled potato salad
  • Muffin-pan potato gratins.

These romantic dishes make a tasty appetizer or side dish on a proposal night.

Chocolate cakes

Chocolate is one of the things that symbolize romance. How can a proposal night be complete without a cake? Go for a heart-shaped cake made of chocolate and leave your partner incredibly impressed and salivating. There are several chocolate cakes to choose from including;

  • Triple chocolate mousse cake
  • Chocolate cherry dessert bites
  • Tart cherry chocolate galette


Sounds weird! Dishes with banana as an ingredient also make a powerful romantic gesture on a dinner with your partner. Some of the best dishes made of banana include;

  • Banana foster
  • Banana nut muffins
  • Strawberry banana overnight oats.

Surprise your partner with one of these dishes, and they will have a memorable proposal night with these new experiences.


This vegetable will make any meal into a yummy vegan dish twist that can be a perfect starter or side dish. Try one of these cauliflower dishes on a proposal night,

  • Cauliflower hemp Alfredo
  • Cauliflower steaks with mushrooms gravy.

You don’t need to wrap the night with a meat-centered dinner. Embrace the vegan lifestyle and use cauliflower to spice up your romantic night.

Vegan Drinks

You proposal night cannot be complete without drinks to celebrate your engagement. Enjoy a taste of the many vegan beverages on the menu. For instance, hibiscus margaritas or a raw strawberry milkshake fudge. They are delicious, adorable and impress your loved one.


Show your partner that they don’t need to have a meat-based dish to have the best romantic proposal night. Make the night special by using the above ideas on romantic vegan dishes. You can cook them by yourself if you can’t find good vegan restaurants.

These dishes require few ingredients and are easy to prepare. Make the night impossible to forget for both of you by serving healthy foods.

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