Water Intake

Our bodies are made of 70% water. Our cells, organs, tissues joints and different systems all have water. It is the second most important thing after oxygen that you require for survival.

Sadly, water is the second most popular beverage after soft drinks in the U.S. This is rather sad, as sugary fizzy drinks don’t do you any good instead they give you obesity, heart problems and sometimes even kidney problem and other associated problems.

Mild dehydration can give you dizziness, fatigue, headaches, dry mouth and make you feel lightheaded. Severe dehydration can lead to organ failure which could even be fatal. Mild dehydration has such meek symptoms that we often neglect them or think we are just too tired.

We would pop in a pain killer or opt for artificially sweetened food and drinks as source of energy. Stop doing that, and analyze how much water you take in a day. There are numerous benefits of drinking water. We have just gathered the top 10 for you.

Keeps You Energized and Relieves Fatigue

Our brains are mostly water. When you have water at regular intervals it gives you an energy boost.

It also relieves you of fatigue and lethargic feelings. Even slight dehydration can impact the functioning of your brain and deprive you of energy; it also affects your memory and ability to recall things.

Most of turn towards coffee or soda when feeling lethargic but did you know that these things can just give you an instant energy burst but actually dehydrate you even further?

It is ok to have a cup or two in a day but don’t go for that big gulp every time you need to open up your tired eyes. Instead work on consciously increasing your water intake.

Promotes Weight Loss

If you are trying to shed a few pounds or more, water can be your best aid. It is advised to have at least one glass full before each meal. Water helps you in feeling fuller, so naturally you eat less.

Water is the only drink which has zero calories, and by filling your tummy with water you naturally reduce your calorie intake as well. Another advantage of having water prior to meals is that it helps our bodies to get rid of the by-products of fat we consume.


Water is an amazing antioxidant. It helps our bodies to get rid of all the toxins, which build up over time due to poor dietary and lifestyle choices.

It regulates your liver function. Our liver plays a pivotal part in digestion and separating nutrients and toxins. Increased levels of water help toxin removal and oxidation damage from all our organs. As you urinate and sweat more your body naturally releases toxins.

Regulates Kidney Function

Our kidneys never rest; they process almost 200 quarts of blood daily. Their prime function is filtering out waste and carrying urine to our bladder. The more water you drink, the more urine will be filtered.

This reduces chances of formation of kidney stones, as it dilutes the salts and minerals present in our urine. Poor circulation in the kidneys leads to salt accumulation which later turn into kidney stones.

Water Works like Muscle Fuel

If you workout or play sports of any kind you need more water to keep your muscles from drying out. Dehydration causes muscle cramps, and muscles lose their elasticity.

Adequate supply of water keeps them lubricated enough to support joints during movement. Water also protects our cartilage and tissues by keeping them hydrated.

Best Pain Killer Ever

At a lot of times headaches and migraines are caused due to dehydration, and we don’t even know it. Increasing your water intake not only treats headaches but also helps in preventing them.

Sometimes you may even get back pain or cramps in your calves and ankles as you have been just too busy to have enough water and you would just associate the pain with physical stress; whereas in real it is your body telling you it needs water.

Next time you get a bit of a headache have a glass of water first, before you reach for that pain killer.

Keeps the Skin Clear

Keeping yourself hydrated is the answer to clear supple skin. With age our skins lose their natural collagen.

Sun exposure and environmental damage also causes the skin to lose its elasticity. Also if your body is dehydrated from inside, it starts to show on your skin which is one of our major external organs.

Dehydrated skin starts ageing prematurely and wrinkles starts to form. Water is one of your best shields against fine lines and premature ageing, as it provides your skin with continuous arsenal of moisture from inside.

Hydration is also best defense against dry skin problems such as psoriasis and eczema.

Aids in Digestion

Nobody wants to get constipated, and water deficiency does just that. Sufficient water in our digestive organs help in better breaking of food particles and keeps our colon lubricated.

When our digestive organs have adequate supply of water they are better able to absorb nutrients and form a barrier against fat. This supports in digestion, softening of stool and regular bowel movement.

Immunity Booster

Nobody likes getting sick, and water guzzlers are less likely to feel under the weather. Drinking enough water reduces your chances of catching common ailments and viruses.

It works like an immunity booster, as it naturally flushes out toxins and saves the nutrients. Water is a sickness fighter as dehydration leads to a poor immune system; water also helps the body to bounce back after you caught a cold.

That is exactly why the GP always advices you to have lots of water when you are down with cold.

Best Beauty Elixir

Did you know water also happens to be one of the cheapest beauty elixirs around? If your hair and nails are dry and brittle, it means you are dehydrated.

The same goes for under-eye dark circles. Dehydration is a major cause of dark circles and formation of crow’s feet around the eye. Lack of water also dulls the whites of your eyes. Lastly dehydration gives you dry, patchy lips which start to darken.

So if you want lustrous, healthy hair from roots till ends, bright eyes, strong nails and a supple pout drink more water.

Most of the benefits of drinking water are interconnected. If you don’t consume enough water start doing so. If you don’t like having plain water, you could squeeze a lemon or add some berries in your water for just a hint of flavor.

The say you should have at least 8 glasses of water every day, but water requirements differ for each individual. If you have any signs of dehydration mentioned, up your water intake immediately.

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