Whenever vodka is mentioned, you would probably think of lime and partying. But you would be surprised that this Russian drink has various types of things if you put it to proper use. Apart from being a cleaning agent, it could also do your hair some good and its kitchen application would have you tasting the crunchiest chicken ever.

This divine juice is a multi-purpose drink, and I must have you know that the list is endless. Read on and study how else you can put your bottle of vodka to use.

1. Poison Ivy rash treatment

There is nothing as discomforting as having to deal with itching, worst still from rash caused by poison ivy. Poison ivy rashes would have you regretting why you ever decided to go for walks or hiking in the forest when you could be glued to your computer or phone reading through posts on Healthable, however, you might be lucky enough to have a bottle of vodka close by.

Directly apply some on the affected area and allow the alcohol to wash away the oil responsible for the itch known as “Urushiol oil”. This kind of oil is known to cause an allergic skin rash when contacted, but there is nothing a good bottle of vodka can’t help.

2. Jellyfish sting treatment

People who have experienced jellyfish sting would quickly attest to the fact that the burn isn’t a child’s play. If you or someone around you gets stung by a jellyfish, just wash the affected part with salt water to cool the heat and neutralises the venom. Then apply some vodka on the affected area to dry out the stingers and stop the pain.

3. Helps to keep your flowers fresh

Applying few drops of vodka and a teaspoon and half of sugar to the water in your flower vase would have the antibacterial agents in the Vodka kill the bacteria that tend to grows around the flower stems and in the water. Giving your plant a fresher look and helping them stay alive longer.

4. Insect repellent

Vodka can directly be used as an eco-friendly insect repellent for wasps, bees, house flies, and ants. Correctly fill a spray bottle with vodka and either spray directly on your skin before going outside, or spray towards the direction of the insects.

If you are uncomfortable with the smell, you can add some scents to the vodka by adding a few drops of essential oil you are comfortable with. Bear in mind that some of your regular essential oils also contain insect repellent properties and ensure to use basic vodka without any sugar or flavouring.

5. For cleaning glasses, chromes and porcelain surfaces

Vodka is a good cleaning agent, and it can be used to clean almost anything. Mixing a cup of vodka with 1/4 cup vinegar and 1/2 tsp of liquid soap would give you a perfect cleaning solution.  The fun part is, it does its cleaning job well and doesn’t leave any sticky residue.

6. Used for tightening pores

Properly mix equal amount of vodka and water or green tea, then add two drops of rosemary and jojoba essential oil. Soak a ball of cotton in the solution and clean your face with it.

Beauticians recommend this solution because it not only cleans the pores of your skin, but it also helps tighten them.  Avoid applying too much if you don’t want your skin to get dry too much and might not be the best solution for you if you have sensitive and dry skin.

7. Lavender extract

Getting a fresh homemade lavender extract doesn’t require much. All you’d need asides your vodka is a clean glass jar, and fresh lavender flowers. Put your flowers into the jar and fill it up with vodka, then tightly seal the lid and leave out in the sun for a couple of weeks, ensuring to shake from time to time. Strain the liquid after two weeks and ta-da! There you have it, fresh homemade lavender extracts that are also very effective for pain relief.

8. Crunchy yummy chicken

If you prefer your chicken crunchy and breaking in your mouth when you bite into it, then you should consider adding a splash of vodka into the batter before you continue with your cooking.  You don’t need to worry about using vodka to cook your food if you have children or adults who are trying to avoid alcohol because it would all evaporate during cooking and give your chicken a darker and crispier crust.

9. Use it for getting rid of towel odour

getting rid of towel smell only needs 1/3 cup of vodka added into your washing machine when you want to do your laundry and soak for about an hour before washing.

10. Straightening your hair

For a bouncy feel and a rich look on your hair, Vodka can do some magic to your hair by strengthening the hair follicles, balancing the production of sebum, prevents fizziness, and typically makes your hair look shiny and healthy. Mix the same amounts of vodka and your hair conditioner and apply it on your hair. Leave for 8-10 minutes before rinsing.

Repeat the treatment twice a month and watch your hair bounce back to life. You can try any of the steps whenever you can at the comfort of your home. Give it a try and share your observation in our comment section.