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Monday, March 30, 2020

10 Male Celebs Who Love to Give Oral Sex

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Emmanuella Ekokotu
Ekokotu Emmanuella is a sociologist and Anthropologist, writer, and fashion model who lives in Benin city, Edo state,Nigeria.

Eating the vagina, giving head, or doing it the southern style. However, you choose to call “eating the cake” as some rappers tag it, one thing is sure; the lady at the receiving end is having the time of her life.

Every woman likes to enjoy the pleasures of oral sex as much as the like to Give it to the men forever for some time now there has been an argument online about how healthy oral sex is and whether or not its gross for a man to eat a woman downtown.

However, while you all are there handling the debate, some celebrities are busy eating up the available honeypots.in no preferential order, here is a list of some of your favourite celebrities who have come openly tell the world how much they love to eat pussy.

1. Justin Long

Justin Long

Number one on the list is the very handsome but shy actor Justin Long. Although it is no tell-tale that Justin is naturally a shy person he wasn’t so shy on one of his interviews where he was asked if he shared the same view as a character he acted played in on theatre just before the meeting.

He replied saying he disagreed with the part where the role he played had a problem with cunnilingus. Meaning that he enjoys the act of eating the woman and he loves.

2. Kevin Gates

Kevin Gates

Kevin Gates found his way to this list after DJ Whoo kid broke the internet with the information he gathered from Kevin during an interview.

It appears that the Rapper had earlier revealed to DJ whoo kid that if he loves a woman, he is supposed to eat her toes, eat her vagina, and eat her butt too.

DJ Whoo Kid, however, went on Instagram to tell the rest of the world the good news and Kevin Gates was brave enough to Admit it on the comment section and added that “real niggas eat booty!”

3. Drake


Yes! I know you all have had speculations, but this right here is the truth! More recently an anonymous stripper released a graphic letter talking about how Drake was good at giving southern pleasures and receiving as well.

So, it appears that all the speculation, aside from the little hints that he drops in some of his songs to indicate that he has cravings to satisfy with his mouth, he is a daddy to pussy.

4. Tyga


The Kardashian/Jenner sister can’t seem to get enough when it comes to dating black men. If you are wondering what magic Tyga must have been doing to Kylie Jenner, you have found your answers here.

Tyga has hinted the public in several of his lyrics on how much he loves the southern pleasures. So, I guess Kylie had some of the best orgasms during the time they spent together.

5. Danny Brown

Danny Brown

We need rappers like Danny! Oh yes. Danny Brown has never let us forget his love for cunnilingus as he raps about it to keep it fresh in our heads.

However, Danny Brown has gone a step further to tell his fans in an interview that he has been eating pussy for ten years and when you get down on a woman, she is sure to spill out some juice. Danny sure knows how to brag about the skills that he got.

6. Trick Daddy

Trick Daddy

Guess who else made it on the list? That’s right! Trick Daddy is here and is ready to take up a particular responsibility if other men do not.

Trick Daddy has talked about how he loves to give and receive oral sex, how he is the founder of “eat a booty” gang, and now, he has warned that if other men do not eat that pussy, he is ready to shoulder the responsibility of putting that cake in his mouth.

7. Michael Douglas

Michael Douglas

Even though Michael Douglass’s spokesperson Allen Burry claims that Michael Douglas never said that oral sex was the cause of his cancer during an exclusive interview with the Guardian, there is no chance that the guardian will accept the accusation of misinterpretation.

Further man When Michael and Catharine Zeta broke up, Catharine made it clear that she wasn’t the one who was responsible for oral cancer that Michael had.

8. Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell

Anyone who has seen Colin’s Infamous sex tape with Nicole Narain who is a super-hot playboy model would know that this guy lives to eat vaginas. The actor has been able to live up to his good looks when it comes to giving a woman the right sexual attention.

9. Rob Ford

Rob Ford

With all the negative publicity that Mr Rob has achieved in recent times, you would want to think that he would take a little off the news. It appears that Rob was accused of giving head to a staffer of the opposite sex.

However, the shamed Toronto mayor clapped back by saying that he had more than enough to consume at home. Try not to imagine how much head Mrs Ford would have got from her man before his demise; it just might give you a headache.

10. Trey Songs

Trey Songs

The boy Trey isn’t sexy for nothing. The “cake” crooner has informed us that he loves to eat boody through his songs, but he didn’t stop there. In an on-air discussion to the guys on radio station magic 102.3, Trey came clean with his feelings on eating a woman out.

Maybe a few years ago men didn’t think about the importance of pleasing their women in bed, in this century, men are starting to believe that making a woman want more after every meeting is what real men do.

More than half of the world’s adult female population has never had an orgasm. In fact, most of those who claim to have experienced it faked it. The good news is, when you make a woman climax for real, she never forgets you in a hurry. The easiest way to achieve this is by giving oral sex.

Come on and don’t be selfish. Remember that if you can stick your penis in it, your mouth can sure taste it. Get that vagina ?!

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