Myths on TV

Understanding how TV can affect our lives and health is greatly important, but before you instantly fall asleep because of the subject, we’re here to make the learning process a bit more enjoyable.  Because we’ll be going over outrageous claims people believe are caused by watching TV.

These myths have actually shaped how people live because so many individuals actually believe that these myths are true in every sense.  It’s changed how they go about their day to day and it’s even made older generations fight back against new technology that can help build a better future.

Technology is changing every single day and for simple myths about your television to make people distrust new tech is crazy! Hopefully today we can set the record straight so you know the most important facts.  From discussing low libido to whether or not TV makes you dumb, we’ll be covering it!

This is why we’ll be busting these myths with facts and research.  Stay tuned if you want to know the truth when it comes to watching TV and what it really does to affect your health.  You probably won’t even believe some of these!

10. Kills All Your Game

Many people believe that you can develop a low sex drive with your partner because of watching TV.  Many individuals have also believed that this has caused erectile dysfunction as well, but the truth is, TV does not cause this.

While TV might be the thing that’s making you procrastinate or distant from your partner, if you’re having problems with your sex drive, it is related to your own health, not the screen you’re watching.

This myth is actually so common, even some doctors will believe that it has affected you in a certain way, but in reality, many studies have found that there is not a scientific relation between a low sex drive and TV. Don’t reach for the nearest testosterone boosters, speak to a professional if this problem continues.

9. Makes You Act Dumb 24/7

Many studies have been created to explore the idea that TV will make people dumb, but this isn’t the case.  There are no solid facts that prove an individual will become dumb just because they’re watching TV.

In reality, many studies show that when placed in front of educational programs, people scored higher on tests and were more creative when working on various projects. In many cases watching TV is entertaining and motivating. But just like anything in life, moderation is key!

8. You’ll Instantly Get Fat

This is been a rumor for years, decades even.  Many individuals have always believed that watching TV makes you gain weight, but there is no proof to this.  Especially considering there are other daily activities that you do while sitting, it really makes no sense.

When have you ever heard someone say that painting makes you fat, just because you happen to be sitting down while doing it?

7. Erectile Dysfunction

Yes, you heard us right!  Rumors have always said that watching too much TV will now only lower your sex drive but will cause erectile dysfunction.  When in reality it has no truth whatsoever.  Like we mentioned before if you don’t do something in moderation, yes it can cause problems in various ways.

But if you only watch TV for a normal amount of time each day, even binge watching some other days, this will not cause erectile dysfunction.

6. Guess What? World Peace Exists!

This might be shocking, but TV can actually make you more aggressive in your day to day.  Especially when talking about younger individuals.  They are often most affected by this at a very young age.

TV should always be watched in moderation if you want to have a happy and healthy balanced lifestyle.  While as an adult, you have your morals, ethics, and overall way of life pretty much already set in stone, it shouldn’t be a worry that all of a sudden you’ll wake up one day extremely violent.  It’s simply not realistic.

5. You’ll Basically Age 50 Years (In The Bedroom)

It’s been always believed that TV negatively affects your sex drive and your testosterone.  Some people have even gone out and received testosterone boosters because of this, but this is completely false and has no basis in science or any related studies.

4. Girls Night Sleepovers!

TV does not help with sleep! Watching TV as you fall asleep will actually make your sleep patterns worse and will make you much more restless as well.

If you turn on the TV when trying to fall asleep, even if you do eventually fall asleep, the light from the TV will keep your brain active, making you feel tired when you wake up.

3. Four Eyes Forever

Four EyesThis is probably one of the most popular myths out there, that TV will cause eye problems throughout your life.  Even though many studies have come out saying that it doesn’t affect your eyes, people choose not to listen.

If you look at any location for a period of time, your eyes will begin to strain, it’s not just when you watch TV.  If you’re eyes are irritated, it’s not permanent, just learn to watch the screen in moderation!

2. Can Not Cause Anxiety

Yes, it can!  TV can play a role in causing anxiety.  While it usually depends on what you choose to watch, it can happen.  Usually, it will not turn into something serious such as a panic disorder or something of the like, but it’s not a myth!

The best thing you can do is simply reduce the amount of time you watch TV and carefully choose what you want to watch.  TV isn’t evil, but your health should be the first priority.

1. You’ll Never Have A Bad Day Again

In some of the most extreme cases, where individuals constantly binge watch TV and other ways of watching video such as on a laptop, many people are more likely to be depressed in the future.

There is no exact link to this, other than many many studies being conducted and showing that this is actually true.

This strange phenomenon is scary, but the good news is, if you’re taking care of your health and limiting how much television you watch in a day or at one time, you most likely won’t be affected by this whatsoever. This has only shown up in very extreme cases.


The TV itself shouldn’t be something to be afraid of.  It usually just depends on how much you watch TV and what you watch.  You shouldn’t feel like you need to deprive yourself of your favorite shows because they will get in the way of your health because that’s simply not true!

Hopefully, this list has helped you understand the myths of TV and how they have no grounding in reality.  Just remember to stay healthy and watch in moderation!  Will you let us know how much TV you watch in a day?

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