Looking to lose weight but not sure what’s the right diet plan for you? Sure, you could go to the gym but with the right exercise things can be just so much easier for you. Don’t worry – you do not need to lose out on all you love. There are some foods that offer you just what you need, and more!

If you’re one of those people who think the ultimate way to lose weight is through exercise, then you’re absolutely wrong. There are some foodstuffs that possess the astonishing abilities to make you in-shape.

Food rich in protein needs more energy to be digested and hence leads to weight loss from the mid-section of body. The Top Ten Foods You Can Try Out. Here are some protein-rich foodstuffs for weight loss.

1. Honey

Honey is believed to be the best homemade remedy for obesity. Fat mobilization and their utilization as the premier source of energy are achieved by this sweet asset. You must consume it with one tablespoon of water every day for eminent results.

2. Turmeric

Turmeric works at the enzymatic levels to reduce fat from the body. Curcumin present in turmeric ceases the activity of an enzyme that converts carbohydrates obtained from food into sugars. Hence, blood sugar levels are decreased considerably. Also, it elevates bile production which further increases the utilization of fat from the body. Bile is the ultimate source of fat decline. With more bile in the system, fats are ultimately used up.

3. Cardamom

CardamomStomach cramps are easily resolved by consuming cardamom on a regular basis. Along with this, improvised digestion and increased metabolism are some other benefits of this thermogenic herb. With increased metabolism, body fats get burnt efficiently along with improved digestion.

4. Chilies

This herb belongs to the solanaceae family and has been popular amongst the American meals for quite a long time now. These have been attributed with fat-burning characteristics. Capsaicin component of chilies elevates the metabolism and burns more fat than normal. So, for about 20 minutes of chilly consumption, excessive fat burning is continuous in the body.

5. Garlic

This astonishing plant species of the Allium genus has some serious weight loss properties. Allicin, a sulphur compound possesses anti-bacterial effects and works as a competent fat-burner in the body. Onion, shallot and leek are some of its partners in the genus.

6. Oatmeal

High soluble fiber content present in oatmeal makes it the healthiest food for a weight-loss goal. It acts as the flusher of harmful acids and fats from the corners of every organ. Topping it with some healthy sweet fruits or honey will ameliorate its properties. Make sure to avoid sweetening agents to make it sweet in taste.

7. Millets

MilletsWho would have wondered that these small-seeded grasses could possess weight-loss abilities? This highly sorted grass improvises bile production which in turn, mobilizes fat more and more for better utilization. Due to its high protein content, it makes you meet your daily protein requirements with ease. Also, the high fibre values make you feel satiety for a longer span of time.

8. Mung Bean

Used as a foodstuff in sweet as well as savory dishes, this bean has versatile uses. Seeds of vigna radiate contain excessive levels of vitamins, particularly A, B, C and E. Calcium, iron and potassium are also present in them in vast amounts.

Green grams are considered to be one of the best ways to lose weight. Due to its low fat content, weight loss programs never forget to include this in the diet plan. Also, owing to its rich protein and fibre content, fat loss is an easy target for these little golden gram seeds.

9. Eggs

It’s a misconception that eggs contain a high fat content and can lead to weight gain. Instead, eggs contain huge amounts of protein which help you get rid of excess fat over your body. Eggs are also rich in healthy fats but if fat itself is a concern, there’s another way. You can take out the yolks and consume only the outer egg white portions. The excess vitamin B12 levels in eggs also ameliorate the chances of weight-loss.

10. Cabbage

This biennial plant grown annually can lead to miracles as far as weight-loss is concerned. They prevent the transformation of sugars into fats. Hence, whether raw or cooked cabbage, both can lead to eminent weight-loss. It’s time to build a healthier you – from today!