Online fundraising is a great method to raise money for medical bills. You don’t have to travel anywhere and it’s fairly simple if you follow guidelines.

The only thing that you need to have is sheer persistence till you achieve your goal.

Set A Fundraising Goal

Create a specific fundraising goal, keeping in mind not only current medical costs but future lifestyle support. Indicate specific amounts against each expense category involved in the individual’s treatment and support. Don’t forget to include your fundraising expenses.

Create A Fundraiser Page

Choose a good fundraiser website. Look for features such as donation security, page customization, email templates, social media sharing facilities and so on. Check whether the Medical fundraising website will allow partial disbursement of funds to meet your intermediate goals.

Personalize Your Page

Put up plenty of pictures of your medical condition (or your loved one’s condition). Show the patient’s pre-and-post sickness pictures so that people can see what the sickness has done. Take pictures of the sick individual surrounded by family and friends, playing with children, during treatments and so on.

Share Your Story

Write the story of the sick individual using simple, touchingly honest language. Explain the sick individual’s background, financial condition, present support, the needs created by the illness and so on. Explain how each dollar will go towards making that person’s life more bearable.

Provide Detailed Medical Information

For those interested, create a section detailing the illness, including the list of symptoms, prescribed treatments, lab reports, recommended hospitalization, and possible outcome and so on. Solicit opinions and support from the medical group in your story as well.

Promote Fundraising Efforts Online

Create basic awareness among your inner circle and then take it to social media. Use Facebook and other social networks to promote your cause. Get your entire team involved in the cause, and make sure everyone updates their online contacts about the cause regularly.

Start A Blog

Start a blog and start writing about your cause and encourage your supporters to write about their experiences. Use your blog as a way to disseminate information, to gather support and to provide status and progress updates. Your updates will let your supporters know that they’ve made a difference.

Thank Donors

Be sure to thank donors, even for the smallest donation. When people are thanked, they feel encouraged to tell others about your cause and perhaps make more donations. Tweet updates whenever a sizeable donation is made, to motivate other donors.

Profile Donors

Profile big donors on your blog if they allow it. You can publish a video interview with them on your blog and on YouTube. Ask them to speak about why they donated to your cause, and what the cause means to them personally. This kind of promotion can get you many more donors.

Stay On The Job

Don’t let the momentum fail even for a single day. Keep at it; keep sending out updates via email, Twitter, SMS and phone. Get your supporters to become more involved. Encourage hospital visits if the patient is willing.