What is menstrual cramp? Scientifically known as Dysmenorrhea, menstrual cramp its most simplest definition means menstrual pain. Such pain felt around the pelvis and lower abdomen during menstruation period is what we are talking about here.

As it turn out to be, cramp usual unset is the first menstruation period of every female, and it keeps happening till menopause stage rolls in.

The burning not so inevitable pain last three days in every 28 days. Have you ever felt the devil having a party in hell in your abdomen?

Have you ever felt like you are being stabbed a million times in three days around your pelvis? That is cramp dealing with you like it does to me in the past.

There’s this popular saying; you don’t choose the vag life but it chooses you, giving you no option, no opting out till menopause, you are in for a great deal.

But as it turns out to be, you don’t have to let it deal with you, for that, I have got us the best remedies for cramps. But before going into that, see below, why you have menstrual pain.

Causes of menstrual cramps

Apart from asking your pillow why you are being punished for not being pregnant, why the bleeding, why the pain, have you consider finding out those things that cause menstrual cramps? Let me tell you.

Menstrual cramp occur due to prostoglandins action on the uterus. Prostoglandin is an hormone produced by the body to stimulate uterus contraction during child birth.

Prostoglandin is produced after ovulation (the release of eggs into the uterus), and if sperms do not come into contact with these eggs sticking to the uterus, they get removed by a regular uterus contraction caused by prostoglandin hormone, and this process is accompanied with pain.

Apart from occurring at menstruation period, this abdominal pain can take place in some other period close to menstrual period, that is why menstrual pain have been classified into three, read on to see.

Types of menstrual cramp

The period of bleeding vary from one person to another but the one thing we all have in common is the pain. Menstrual pain are classified based on time of occurrence around menstruation period. Some cramp start just before menstruation, this is early cramp.

Whereas it can also occur during and after menstruation period, that is mid-menstruation and late one. The early one is not as painful as the mid and the late. Nevertheless, below are 10 solution for cramp.

Top 10 remedies for menstruation cramp relief

Do you want stop feeling the pains of Jesus Christ between your two legs? Time to say goodbye to killer cramps with the most effective natural remedies, its time to have a relieving menstrual period. Read on.

Be hydrated always

Having water at hand and always getting ready for a grab can be the most nicest thing you will be doing to yourself in the claws of this suffering. Water, they say, helps kill the fire burning our pelvis up.

From an expert, warm or hot water should be sipped regularly to fight internal pain caused by prostoglandin. Fruits like watermelon, pawpaw, coconut water, orange, and cucumber have nutritional water, some of these nutrients like vitamin c are also capable of beaten down prostoglandin’s hurting power.


A motivational speaker one said; the food we eat, water we drink, our daily workouts, all determine our future. Getting yourself sweaty can save you all the moaning and tears.

An expert said working out does not only lessen menstrual pain but there are some workouts that acts as total pain relief.

While another said workouts can be put to full use by knowing your menstrual period and working out severally before they arrive, by so doing, less or no pain is felt at bleeding period arrival, process, and after it. Why not pick up your workouts two to three weeks before menstrual period arrive?

Take a bath

Is it an unbearable time for you? Get in the tub. Unless you learn how to melt the periodic pain with heat, it won’t stop getting at you. Scientific researches made recently revealed how soothing menstruation can be when heat is employed. Ask yourself, why does the uterus need contraction?

Its just to produce enough heat to shed off those eggs from your uterus, but as long as you can provide enough heat for the process, there won’t be any contraction that causes pain anymore.

You don’t have to wait till when you start grinning and biting hard on your pillow before taking a warm bath. Subjecting your body to warm bath throughout the period is wisdom.

Ginger tea

Ginger is an essential food ingredient, almost every cook can’t o without ginger. Have you then considered drinking ginger tea amidst the scary period of menstruation?

Ginger is a natural ingredient that has a large percentage of antibacterial effective against inflammation. Another option for ginger tea, if at all you are allergic to ginger, is any spicy tea. Ensure your ginger tea is either worm or hot for a full knockout on the pain

Good diet

What does good diet mean here? Stay out of carbs plus sugar, eat more fiber. Although you are liable to have high cravings for chocolates and sweets, but take them only if you love menstrual cramps.


If you still feel pains after having a hot/warm bath, an heat pad is advisable to keep up with the heating. At least you can’t sit in a warm tub all day, and these pads like Bengay and thermacare can be worn just before wearing your pant.

Stay happy

Having done all you can, it’s good to take your mind off between your legs. Focus on enjoying your day. Grab a glass of whine, relax, and try as you can to not welcome fear.

Engage yourself in activists that brings happiness instead of being a miserable ghost around some corners of your room. Be positive and go about your daily activities and watch yourself become safe from menstrual pain.