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10 Awesome Sex Tips for Hot Bedroom Romance

Do you want to rekindle the flame of passion and enjoy the time spent in the bedroom? Are you looking for tips to spice up your relationship? If you have nodded in affirmation, you have arrived at the perfect article.

In the following paragraphs, we will present a number of awesome sex tips, guaranteed to bring back the spark between you and your partner.
Bedroom RomanceDo not hesitate to give all of them a try and convince yourself which one works the best for your own situation. And, remember, passion is never lost but you must fight to keep it alive.

Power of touch

Couples often forget how significant touching can be. If you are looking to get closer to your partner and rediscover a meaningful physical connection, schedule an evening of romance. Caress your partner, hug him/her and cuddle together.

Do not be afraid to explore each other’s bodies and enjoy the natural feelings that come from touching the one you love. You can even try to massage your partner, as this is bound to bring the two of you even closer together. Massages are meant to increase the sexual tension, leading to a satisfactory sexual experience. However, you can also decide to opt for a relaxing and romantic massage, without things going further.

Sexy foreplay

In today’s modern world, we are bound to hurry towards sex, ending up more disappointed rather than satisfied. If you are looking to enjoy some hot bedroom romance and prevent problems such as premature ejaculation, you should consider prolonging the foreplay.

You can make the whole experience sexy, by dressing in lingerie for your partner and dancing to entice him. Or, if you want, you can massage your partner, using scented oil and playing nice music in the background.

Romantic bath

A good way to rediscover the benefits of togetherness is to take a romantic bath. Light scented candles play your favorite music and enjoy the warmth of your partner. Your naked bodies will be close to one another, the physical connection being stronger than ever. You can decide how far the whole experience will go but the important thing is that you take your time to caress your partner, bringing back the feelings you have for one another.

Date night

Couples often end up in a routine, one that can be comfortable but also daunting for the relationship on a long-term basis. A date night might not seem like a big deal but, on the long run, it can help you get out of your comfort zone and enjoy being together from a completely new perspective. Dare to do something different and you will suddenly feel more attracted to your partner. Not to mention, new things will give you all this sexual energy, helping you last longer in bed.

Get creative

When you have been together with your partner for some time now, you have probably developed a bedroom routine. As mentioned above, this can help you feel comfortable, but it can also reduce the flame of passion, until it disappears altogether. If you want to enjoy sex to the maximum, you need to get creative. Use your imagination and do not be afraid to try new things, perhaps use sex toys or new techniques. Kama Sutra can be a great source of inspiration, so do not hesitate to check out some of the positions.

Make out session

Remember when you used to be a teenager and making out was on your daily schedule? Why not give it a try now? You can go to the movies or even try an impromptu make out session on your couch. What matters is that you spend some time kissing your partner, caressing each other and feeling hot for one another. This experience will be fun and exciting, providing that you still have a lot of passion to unleash. Not to mention, this will help you get in the mood for more serious bedroom action.


We all have fantasies but few of us have actually the courage to pursue them. Your partner will definitely see you in a new light and you should never be afraid to act out your fantasies. What matters is that you discuss such intentions with your spouse, making sure that he/she is in complete agreement with the fantasies you have.

This can help you eliminate the routine associated with sexual experiences, rediscovering all the feelings you have for your partner and how it great it is to be together. Such fantasies can help men get over erectile dysfunction problems; if they are not enough, you can also consider taking Virility EX, a natural supplement guaranteed to improve erections.

Dirty movies

Watching dirty movies together can do more for your relationship than you might think. It shows to your partner that you are willing to go the extra mile and rediscover the flame of passion. Moreover, as you will watch such movies, you will definitely feel tempted to try out some of the things seen on the screen. The mutual experience of eroticism will help you feel more secure about your own sexuality; apart from that, as you will feel tempted to give those sexy scenarios a try, sexual satisfaction will increase threefold.

First encounter

Let’s say you’ve been together with your partner for many years now. You know everything there is to know about each other. If you are trying to get rid of same old routine in the bedroom, there is something you can do. Go to a bar and pretend you have just met. This first encounter will fill you with anticipation and make you hot for one another.

You can dress sexy, have some drinks and talk about things that interest you. This is one of the best ways to rekindle the flame of passion and end up enjoying some hot bedroom romance. Last, but not least, you might even find out new things about each other.


Humans use all of their senses when enjoying sexual experiences. In fact, the best ones are those which appeal to each and every sense. Begin by applying your favorite perfume and dressing in sexy clothes. Light candles with a delicate, enticing scent and put on your partner’s favorite music.

Caress your partner with a feather or use chocolate and cream for a more delicious sexual experience. Do not be afraid to stimulate each other and have fun in the bedroom, as this can help you achieve enhanced satisfaction.


In conclusion, these are some of the best sex tips you should consider following for hot bedroom romance. Keep in mind that all couples go through to the same problems and rekindling the flame of passion should be continuously pursued. Follow the recommendations included in this article and do not be afraid to have some fun while playing with one another.

Your partner deserves the best, including when it comes to sexual satisfaction. Try new experiences together and make sure to play out your fantasies, as this can be useful in eliminating the normal routine. Use sex toys, try out new positions and rediscover the power of togetherness.

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