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​Great Tips and Tricks to Help You Vape Safely

Researchers recently found that nearly 38 percent of people around the world consider themselves regular vapers. Over the years, the popularity has grown leaps and bounds.

Studies have found that the effects of vaping are not nearly as harmful as traditional cigarettes. Cigarettes contain a number of harmful chemicals and very high levels of nicotine. If you are currently struggling with an addiction to cigarettes, then now may be the time to use vaping as a substitute.

While vaping is very safe, there are some things you will need to do to avoid problems with your vape machine and accessories. Here are just some of the considerations you need to make when trying to vape safely.

Try to Avoid using Aftermarket Chargers

Some people think they can use any old charger to charge their vape device. While this may seem like a good idea, it can cause a number of problems. Not only will charging your device with the manufacturer’s charger help you avoid compatibility issues, it will also get your vape fully charged.

You should also avoid leaving your vape plugged in overnight. There have been instances where overcharging has led to vapes catching on fire. Reading the instructions that your vape came with will allow you to avoid mistakes with ease.

Think About Investing in a Temperature Controlled Vape

Many of the modern vapes on the market come with temperature control settings. Using a vape that only has a high-temperature setting can lead to lots of problems. More chemical reactions tend to take place when e juice is consistently exposed to high temperatures.

Being able to have control over the temperature will help you get more flavor out of your juice. While these mods may be a bit more expensive, they are well worth the money. Doing a bit of research will allow you to get the best deal on the vape you need.

You Need to Treat Your E Juice With Care


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One of the most important supplies you will have when vaping is your e-juice. This juice comes in a variety of different flavors, which means you should have no problem finding something you like. Once you have chosen an e juice, you need to focus on keeping it in a cool and dark place.

Exposing your liquid to too much heat and light can lead to the flavors it contains declining over time. The nicotine contained in your liquid has to be stored in the right manner for it to work properly. Technically, nicotine is classified as a poison and should be handled with extreme care. You need to avoid letting your e juice soak into your skin due to the dangers this poses.

Dry Burning Your Coils is a Bad Idea

Among the biggest mistakes newcomers to the world of vaping make is dry burning their coil. Dry burning is a term used to describe what happens when you press your vape’s fire button without having any e-liquid in your tank.

Some people think that dry burning a vape coil is a good way to ensure proper temperature distribution. In actuality, this practice can affect the metal structure of the coil itself. The more times you dry burn your coils, the higher the risk of breaking your mod.

Inspect Your Mod Regularly

Inspecting your vape mod on a regular basis is also a good idea. Generally, a vape mod will not fail out of the blue. You will usually notice a number of warning signs when a failure is about to occur.

If you start to notice that your vape mod is overheating or glitching regularly, you may want to replace it. While a new mod may be costly, it is well worth the money.

Take Time to Clean Your Battery Terminals

You will also need to get in the habit of cleaning the battery terminals on your vape every week or so. This can keep gunk off of the terminals and will also help you get the best performance out of your vape. Even the tiniest layer of dust can affect the connection and make it hard for your vape to perform. Using alcohol wipes to gently clean these terminals is a good idea.

Consulting with professionals in the vaping industry is the best way to ensure you are taking proper precautions. Over time, you will get a feel for what your vape needs to function properly.

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